Customer Experience Quality Assurance Framework

SenseCX is changing the way Australian businesses monitor, measure and assess CX – helping them create better experiences for their customers.


World-class CX Quality Assurance framework

At the heart of SenseCX is a best practice consultative service methodology and framework that provides an all in one solution for:
Quality Assurance and monitoring – internal and independent
Agent coaching and development
Reporting and benchmarking

SenseCX – the CX Quality Assurance solution that’s…


Objective third party assessments allow you to measure performance and corroborate or correct internal reporting.


Consistent measures are used to assess CX performance across all channels –  face to face, phone, email, live chat and social.


Specific and actionable feedback, based on contemporary CX expectations is easily implemented by your team.


Sector benchmarking data lets you compare agent or team performance –  within your sector or across others.


Quickly and easily identify specific gaps or services shortfalls and spend more time coaching and developing staff.


Performance data and reports are easily accessible through the SenseCX portal and can be customised to suit your needs.

Measure, track and assess CX – across all touchpoints

The consultative service methodology and assessment criteria provides consistent measures for all customer touchpoints – allowing you to identify exactly what you’re doing well and where you can improve.





Face to Face

One reporting portal. All the answers.

Through the secure SenseCX reporting portal you can quickly and easily access real-time performance data – from anywhere at anytime. User friendly dashboards and customisable reports makes it easy for you to see exactly:

WHAT you are doing well
HOW you are performing overall
WHERE and how you can improve

For internal and external quality monitoring

The beauty of SenseCX is that it can be used for both Internal Quality Monitoring programs and independent, External Quality Assurance assessments.

Internal Quality Monitoring

– for internal or self-assessment

Perform internal assessments of calls, emails, chats, social messages and face-to-face interactions, using one simple assessment portal. The easy to use dashboard reporting, allows you to see how you’re performing and drill down in to the data to create meaningful reports.

External Quality Assurance

– for independent, objective and defendable QA data.

External assessments
CSBA’s assessment team analyse and assess your customer interactions using real-life call recordings and email or chat transcripts.

Mystery shopping
Posing as everyday customers, with everyday questions and needs, CSBA’s assessors contact your organisation and perform an independent and objective assessment of the experience.

Creating better customer experiences

With over 50 Australian companies and organisations using SenseCX to help provide their customers with better experiences, it’s been shown to contribute to:

  • Call quality
  • First call resolution
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee churn
  • Complaints
  • Cost to service

‘SenseCX is much more than an assessment tool – it provides us with a framework for delivering best in class customer experiences’

Tim FraneyService Manager | City of Paramatta

‘SenseCX provides us with an end-to-end CX solution – from the approach, to training and coaching and quality assurance. Our ongoing improvement speaks for itself’.

Jane CorkhillManager Customer Services | Actew AGL

‘SenseCX has been instrumental in allowing us to lift our game and continually improve our customer’s experiences’.

Doug LucasProgram Manager, Customer Strategy | Hunter Water

‘SenseCX is helping us improve our soft skills and driving a culture of continual improvement.

Motivation is higher, there’s healthy personal competition. Agents are more aware of where they’re sitting and how they’re really performing’.

Sara TavoraManager | Contact Service Centre | Western Sydney University

‘SenseCX is vital to the success of our team. It’s easy to follow and quick to use. The report can break down trends and gaps, and suggest areas of focus for the coming month’.

Isobel KilleenContact Centre Manager | Murdoch Univeristy

‘SenseCX gives us a completely independent CX assessment. The real time performance matrix provides fast feedback to the frontline teams of our outsourced partners’.

Tim WaggGeneral Manager, Customer Operations | Webjet

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SenseCX – the CX Quality Assurance solution for:

Some of Australia’s leading companies and organisations use SenseCX to help them create better experiences for their customers.

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