Higher Education Syndicated Student Experience Benchmarking (SXB) Program

Listen to your student voice.

Join the only syndicated Student Experience Benchmarking program of its kind.

This is what students are saying:

“Every time I call a get a different person and I have to go over the whole situation again. They have promised to call me back and/or send follow up emails and have not done so. This has cost me significant time, money, and has created a significant negative impact on my mental health. Seriously, they need to get their act together. They have created more harm than good.”

“Wasn’t made aware of any programs and support until my third year. Essentially progressed through my courses blind and on my own volition without guidance.”

“When I had enrolment difficulties they were prompt and concise in email directives, and when I still struggled they organised a zoom to direct me face-to-face. The issue was sorted well and I didn’t feel embarrassed or like a nuisance, they were reassuring and kind.”

*Verbatim student quotes from 2022 program

Elevate the experiences of your students

The CSBA SXB program provides in depth insights to help you elevate the experiences your students have with your Student Support and Administration Services.

The program dives deeper than QILT to provide you with actionable insights to improve your student experiences, enabling you to:

  • UNDERSTAND the student experience and the impact on overall satisfaction
  • MEASURE how each of your support and administration services are performing
  • INDENTIFY areas that impact satisfaction the most for change and investment if needed
  • UNCOVER what other support services your students want on campus
  • DETERMINE what times and channels your students need, to access support and administration services
  • REVIEW differences between cohorts
  • DISCOVER what else your students want from you
  • COMPARE and benchmark your overall performance against the sector

Sample report outputs

“Today’s students need universities to meet them where they are. To do that we need to better understand our students’ awareness, access, usage and preferences towards university administrative and support services. CBSA’s Student Experience Benchmarking Program gave us new student insights that are being used to inform a diverse range of projects underway at Griffith University.”

Jodie Davis | Registrar, Student Life, Griffith University


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