CX Strategy Consultants

Creating better customer experiences begins with best practice CX strategy and planning. Through our CX strategy and consulting work, we help our clients create a pathway to enable them to be more customer-centric.

Because customer experience is everything

We all know how critical customer experience is to the success and effectiveness of an organisation. That in competitive markets, more often than not, it’s the key differentiator. That by becoming more customer-centric, your organisation can be more effective, more efficient and more competitive.

We also know that customers have higher expectations that ever before. That they will no longer tolerate a bad experience. That they will tell others about bad experiences. And, that they will change providers based on bad experiences.

Unlock specialist CX strategy and expertise

Through CSBA’s strategy and consulting services, you can access specialist CX strategy knowledge and expertise to help you:

Design your organisational approach to customer experience
Become more customer-centric
Identify and address specific customer pain points
Improve employee experience and engagement
Assess, measure and track performance

A considered, strategic and thorough
approach to CX strategy

Because each and every project is unique, our approach involves a variety of different components – whether we’re looking at the organisation as a whole, individual departments or specific touch points.

and benchmark current state

opportunities to do and be better

CX strategy and roadmap

and implement initiatives

and monitor progress

CX strategy and consulting services

Our customer experience strategy work takes many different shapes and forms. Some of our key services include:


Customer, employee and stakeholder research

We help you to design research programs and studies that elicit the right information for you to make the right decisions for your staff, customers and the broader community.

Customer journey mapping

We carefully and meticulously map the end-to-end customer experience – providing you with the insight needed to create new service blueprints, eliminate pain points and create better experiences.

Customer centricity audits

A simple capability diagnostic to help you understand how ready your organisation is to TRULY put the customer at the centre – across 7 core competency areas.

Customer charter development

We guide you in designing your customer promise and then work with you to embed it throughout your organisation’s operations and touch points.

CX methodology and framework

Depending where you are on your maturity curve, we help you to develop, implement, monitor, report and ultimately transform your operations to be better for customers.

Customer centricity training

Helping your team to understand and embed customer centric behaviours takes effort, patience, experience and guidance. We can partner with you to ensure a successful culture transformation.

CSBA – the customer experience experts

Over the last two decades we’ve earned ourselves the reputation of being Australia’s customer experience experts – by staying at the forefront of contemporary CX thinking and strategy.

With some of the countries most experienced CX professionals on our team, we help our clients design and implement world class customer experience strategies and develop clear pathways, that allow them to become more customer-centric.

‘CSBA helps me drive a culture where we bring the customer to the front and put them first – not just commercial outcomes’

Di TuitSenior Manager of Customer Experience and Insights | BT

‘Our work with CSBA has allowed us to understand our customer's expectations, identify gaps in our service delivery, opportunities to extend our existing service channels and implement significant improvements’.

Doug LucasGroup Manager Customer Contact and Process | Hunter Water

‘Our ongoing work with CSBA allows us to know where we need to improve and how to go about it’.

Deb GandertonHead of Customer Experience and Community Engagement | City of Boorondara

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