CX Quality Assurance

A robust, independent, Quality Assurance program is essential for any customer-centric business – providing the insight needed to do better and be better for customers.

CX Quality Assurance

QA data that’s independent, objective and reliable

While customer feedback and research are valuable business tools, an independent Quality Assurance program allows you to assess:

  • customer experience – based on contemporary customer service expectations.
  • agent performance – and coach and develop them with tailored, actionable feedback.
  • organisational performance – overall and at a departmental or team level.

It lets you identify the service gaps and shortfalls that matter to your customers – but aren’t necessarily reported by customers.

Pure and objective assessment of CX

CSBA’s best practice approach to CX Quality Assurance focuses on behaviours and factors that can be controlled and influenced by front-line agents.

Results aren’t clouded by customer’s opinions and attitudes towards pricing, company policies, procedures and processes – they’re a pure and objective CX assessment that allows you to:

TRACK customer experience performance over time
MONITOR agent and team performance and provide coaching and feedback
IDENTIFY opportunities to improve your customer’s experiences
ASSESS the impact of different initiatives or pilots

CX Quality Assurance – tailored to your needs and requirements

CSBA can help you develop and implement an effective, independent and robust CX Quality Assurance program – wherever you sit on the Quality Assurance maturity curve.

Typically, we work with clients to implement QA programs in one of three ways:

Design and implement custom standards

Working closely with you our CX experts help you to design your own organisational QA standards and program, that reflect your organisation’s promise, values, culture and priorities.

In developing your custom QA program, we work with you to:

  • Define specific and measurable standards for each channel and contact type (inbound/outbound), including criteria, scoring, weighting mechanisms, as well as agent and non-agent controlled markers (e.g. system uptime, calls completed in an hour, escalations logged accurately etc.)
  • Determine your program velocity – including who monitors who, how frequently, how broadly per person, which channels and service enquiry types.
  • Design your reporting framework – including targets and stretch targets, reporting requirements (for executives, team leaders, agents etc)
  • Develop your implementation and adoption strategy.

Perform QA assessments – based on your standards

Using your organisation’s own CX standards and framework, CSBA performs independent and objective QA assessments to provide you with defendable QA data and insights.

Easy to understand dashboard reporting allows you to see exactly how you’re performing. You can drill down into the data to create custom reports and quickly and easily perform your own analysis. We’re also able to benchmark the performance of other organisations, based on your standards. After all, collecting competitive intelligence is in our DNA.

Implement best practice CX framework and standards

SenseCX, CSBA’s standardised Quality Assurance framework, allows you to implement a best practice customer experience framework and QA program – that provides the data and insights you need to create better customer experiences.

Underpinned by a world class consultative service methodology and framework, SenseCX is a cost-effective, all in one solution for:

  • Quality Assurance and monitoring – internal and independent.
  • Agent coaching and development.
  • CX Reporting and benchmarking.

Internal and external assessments – across all channels

CSBA’s custom and syndicated SenseCX Quality Assurance programs allow you to implement a well-rounded, best practice QA program, with consistent assessment criteria applied to all customer touchpoints.





Face to Face

Internal Quality Monitoring

– for internal or self-assessment

Perform internal assessments of calls, emails, chats, social messages and face-to-face interactions, using one simple assessment portal. The easy to use dashboard reporting allows you to see how you’re performing and drill down in to the data to create meaningful reports.

External Quality Assurance

– for independent, objective and defendable QA data.

External assessments
CSBA’s assessment team analyse and assess your customer interactions using real-life call recordings and email or chat transcripts.

Mystery shopping
Posing as everyday customers, with everyday questions and needs, CSBA’s assessors contact your organisation and perform an independent and objective assessment of the experience.

The independent, best practice, Quality Assurance tool that is changing the way Australian organisation measure, assess and approach customer experience.

Dozens of Australian companies and organisations are using SenseCX to drive their approach to customer experience. Underpinned by a world class consultative service methodology and framework, it provides an all in one solution for:

Quality Assurance and monitoring
Agent coaching and development
Service approach and protocols
CX Reporting and benchmarking

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