2024 Superannuation Experience & Engagement Benchmark Program


Join the only syndicated CX benchmarking program of its kind. Receive relevant fund specific insights and actionable recommendations.

Independent, trusted assessment

Experience and Engagement Matters

Member and employer engagement challenges every fund. Yet positive experiences provide an opportunity to add value, build trust and loyalty.

Do you understand exactly how your member and employer experiences impact satisfaction, trust and loyalty?

Do your customer experiences increase stickiness? Are you going the extra mile and making your customers feel valued?

Now in its sixteenth year, this highly regarded, independent program is purpose built, with a unique focus on Australian Superannuation funds.

Created by CSBA, FEAL (Fund Executives Association Limited) and Melbourne Business School in 2009, this program provides Australian Superannuation funds with consistent measurement of member and employer satisfaction, trust, advocacy and loyalty.

Metrics that matter

DISCOVER how your members and employers think and feel about your fund
UNDERSTAND levers to improve satisfaction, trust, loyalty and retention
INFORM better business decisions
TRACK performance to respond to changes in sentiment

Essential Insights | Exceptional Value


  • Likelihood to Recommend (NPS)
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Ease of Dealing with fund
  • Key experience attributes
  • Trust and Feeling Valued
  • Likelihood to Switch
  • Retirement Empowerment
  • Retirement Confidence
  • How fund can better meet employer needs


  • Discover which members are most likely to leave and why
  • Understand key drivers of Satisfaction, Ease, Advocacy
  • Identify specific opportunities to improve satisfaction and retention
  • Analyse data at cohort level – demographic, attitudinal, behavioural
  • Stay abreast of emerging trends, attitudes, behaviours.


  • See how feedback from your members and employers compares to other funds
  • Benchmark key experience and engagement metrics

Insights + dashboard reporting

Funds will benefit from the interactive online dashboard reporting tool as well as a fund insights report that details key findings, insights, observations and recommendations for improvement.

Your dashboard has a host of easy-to-use analysis and reporting functions, allowing you to:

  • View member and employer survey results
  • Drill deep into your data – by demographics, cohorts, contact type
  • Analyse open verbatim comments
  • Compare year-on-year historical data
  • Extract and export data and reports as you need

Two user licenses are included as standard

Join us for the 2024 Program

With the world changing so fast – measuring and tracking member and employer sentiment has never been more important.

CSBA continues to provide high-quality, cost-effective access to critical experience & engagement knowledge – now in its sixteenth year!

“Exceptionally well rounded and thorough program. Focused on Member engagement and satisfaction in a multitude of ways. Very insightful. Brought the numbers to life for my team. Your recommendations were goal oriented and immediately actionable”

Fund Executive

“Measuring customer satisfaction and promotion scores goes beyond the high-level findings. Understanding the drivers behind those scores is key for us and helps us close the gaps. The more in-depth analysis we do, the more we learn about our members and the more we expect from the data. And that’s when improvements begin.”

Sadeer JanSenior Business Intelligence Manager at NGS Super

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