2022 Superannuation

Customer Experience
Benchmarking Program

SUPER FUNDS GET ON BOARD! Join the only syndicated CX benchmarking program of its kind. Receive relevant fund specific insights and actionable recommendations.

Measure the CX that matters

Now in its thirteenth year, this highly regarded, independent program is purpose built for Australian Superannuation Funds.

Up to date with all the issues that matter to you – legislation, governance, stapling… If it’s happening in Super – we’re onto it!

Created by CSBA, FEAL (Fund Executives Association Limited) and Melbourne Business School in 2009, this program provides Australian Superannuation Funds with consistent tracking measurement of member and employer satisfaction, NPS, trust, advocacy and loyalty.

Additional measures available on request.

METRICS that matter
BETTER business decisions
PINPOINT great performance
INCREASE customer satisfaction, trust, loyalty and retention

Essential Insights | Exceptional Value

With the world changing so fast – measuring, monitoring and tracking member and employer satisfaction and trust has never been more important.

CSBA continues to provide a quality, cost-effective means for accessing this critical knowledge and understanding.

Essential Insights

Discover what members and employers think and feel about your fund:

  • Likelihood to recommend (NPS)
  • Ease of dealing with fund
  • Overall satisfaction, trust and brand perceptions
  • Likelihood to switch
  • Key driver analysis.

Critical Knowledge

Discover which members are likely to leave and why

  • Fund specific data
  • Improve satisfaction
  • Boost retention
  • Emerging trends, attitudes and behaviours.

Independent Benchmark

Track performance and compare your results to other funds:

  • Benchmark key CX metrics including NPS, Satisfaction, Ease and Trust
  • Comparative analysis of member and employer attitudes and opinions against wide range of funds.

Insights Report | Interactive Dashboard

Reduce cognitive workload for internal stakeholders. Let the opinions of your member and employers shine bright.

Funds will benefit from their Fund Insights Report plus interactive online Dashboard Reporting tool that details key insights, observations and recommendations for improvement.

Your Dashboard has a host of easy-to-use analysis and reporting functions.

Member research

  • Surveys with members who recently contacted your fund
    • Telephone interviews
    • Online surveys
  • Online survey of members without recent fund contact provides a broader view of across the member base.

Employer research

  • Telephone interviews of employers who have recently contacted your fund
  • Specific insight into employer ratings and sentiment.

Reduce cognitive workload for your Team

Your REPORT and DASHBOARD have been purposefully designed to provide an enhanced user experience

We know you are busy

We know you want to understand your customers and develop the best products and services for them

We’ll help your data shine and get the attention it deserves!

“Exceptionally well rounded and thorough program. Focused on Member engagement and satisfaction in a multitude of ways. Very insightful. Brought the numbers to life for my team. Your recommendations were goal oriented and immediately actionable”

Fund Executive

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