Syndicated CX research programs

As Australia’s leading customer service and experience benchmarking provider, CSBA runs a variety of different sector based, syndicated research programs.

CX research and benchmarking specialists

CSBA pioneered syndicated, sector based, customer research programs in Australia. Starting out as Customer Service Benchmarking Australia, we quickly grew and evolved – becoming experts in customer experience and extending our services to include CX strategy, research, quality assurance and training.

25 years on, we continue to run a variety of different, syndicated, sector wide, customer experience research programs.

Essential insights. Exceptional value.

Tailored to the unique needs and characteristics of each sector, these programs offer participants critical customer experience insights – year after year. Allowing them to not just track performance, but also contextualise and compare it to others inside and outside of their sector.

With a variety of different participation options and the ability to customise elements of the research, the syndicated nature of the programs makes for exceptional value for money – with research of this quality and nature typically costing twice as much.

Local Government

Customer Experience Benchmarking and Voice of the Customer Programs

Through our syndicated Voice of the Customer (LG VOC) and Customer Experience Benchmarking (LG CXB) Programs, CSBA is helping local governments across the country provide their community with better experiences.

CSBA and ATEM – Higher Education

Future Student Customer Experience Benchmarking Program and Awards

See how your future student’s experiences compare to other Universities and TAFE’s across the country and gain the insight needed to create better and more consistent future student experiences.


Customer Experience Benchmarking Program

Getting members to engage fund is a challenge every fund faces. Through this bi-annual program, you can see exactly how your member and employer experiences are impacting satisfaction, trust and loyalty, and gain the insight needed to implement strategies to increase member and employer satisfaction, trust, advocacy and retention.

Energy Networks Australia

Customer Experience Benchmarking Program

Well established, flexible and affordable, ECXB is the only syndicated research program of its kind in Australia and has a number of different electricity, gas and renewables distributors working together to gather invaluable customer data and insights.

Victorian Water Retailers

Customer Service Benchmarking Program

CSBA has assessed the customer experience provided by the majority of water retailers across the country, for over 20 years. The results of this program are used by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) to report retailer performance to the Victorian community.

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