Quality Assurance methodology and framework

Underpinning SenseCX is a world-class framework for assessing service delivery and overall customer experience – based on tried and tested, best practice consultative service approaches.

SenseCX measures the things that matter to your customers

Customer experience isn’t characterised by how long an interaction takes, or even first contact resolution. The latest research tells us that customers base their judgement of an experience on three key things – overall ease, success and sentiment. And that is what SenseCX assesses.

We like to refer to these as ‘the things you can control’. Unlike customer satisfaction data, which is heavily influenced by factors outside of an agent’s control (company policies, pricing, procedures, compliance requirements), SenseCX focuses on the softer skills and behaviors – which can be influenced.

SenseCX assesses the 5 key aspects of a customer experience:






Assessments look at over 30 unique criteria to measure overall:


The degree to which the customer is able to accomplish their goals – customers want to get what they came for and move on. They need to be understood and provided with a no-fuss resolution.


The effort the customer has to expend to accomplish their goals – the interaction must be easy. The agent should actively guide the customer through a clear process towards resolution.


How the experience and interaction makes the customer feel – your customers want to be treated as an individual, not just another transaction in the agent’s day.


The overall impact and effectiveness of the interaction – evenly weighted to reflect the balanced importance of solving the problem, making it easy and being humane

Internal and Independent Quality Assurance applications

The beauty of SenseCX is that it can be used for both Internal Quality Monitoring programs and independent, External Quality Assurance assessments.

Internal Quality Monitoring

– for internal or self-assessment

Use the SenseCX assessment framework and criteria to perform internal assessments of calls, emails, chats, social messages and face-to-face interactions. 

External Quality Assurance

– for independent, objective and defendable QA data.

External assessments
CSBA’s assessment team nalyse and assess your customer interactions using real-life call recordings and email or chat transcripts.

Mystery shopping
Posing as everyday customers, with everyday questions and needs, CSBA’s assessors contact your organisation and perform an independent and objective assessment of the experience.

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