2024 ATEM Future Student Customer Experience Benchmarking Program

The need to monitor and improve the experience offered to prospective students has never been greater. Educational institutions need to find ways to stand out from the pack. CSBA can help drive more student enrolments with a trusted and proven quality assurance model.

What experiences are you delivering to your future students?

“I was really grateful for the conversation, and it has made an extra positive spin on entering the university.”

“They did cover the questions I had, but they didn’t proactively give me information on the things that I didn’t ask that could have been helpful to me.”

Stand out from the pack by delivering better experiences.

The best measurement of customer experience transformation is not just in measuring the external customer experience but in the behaviour change in contact centre and customer facing staff.

Your CSBA ATEM (Australian Tertiary Education Management) results will tell you if your team members are:

  • Effectively handling phone and email enquiries and creating a positive first impression.
  • Answering unasked questions to provide the student with everything they need to know.
  • Providing exceptional experiences and resolving enquiries to reduce call-backs.

Your goal is to maximise enrolments via high conversion rates from enquiry to enrolment. You can achieve this by controlling the controllables. You can only control what you know.

The ATEM Future Student Benchmarking Program will tell you what you need to know to maximise your team’s performance and provides you with actionable insights to make positive behaviour change on the frontline.

What you do with the data will help you stand out from the pack.

Independent and objective assessments measuring your performance and benchmarked against your peers.

A highly trained and experienced team of CSBA assessors contact your institution posing as a prospective future student. A total of 80 interactions are assessed including 40 phone calls and 40 email assessments. Live Chat interactions can also be assessed, separate to the ATEM results.

The nature of each interaction is designed to assess the overall experience your team provide during the interaction, using enquiries of a general nature. The assessment criteria is based on CSBA’s best in class ‘SenseCX’ customer experience methodology.

The top-ranking institution will be awarded the 2024 ATEM Customer Experience Excellence Award.

One dashboard. All the answers.

Each individual assessment and summary data is stored in your secure SenseCX Reporting Portal with information accessible at the click of a button. In addition, a custom report of your ATEM results will be presented to you on completion of the project summarising your results with key findings, insights and recommendations – and of course, the Benchmark Ladder.

You can use the dashboard to:

VIEW your overall performance

IDENTIFY opportunities to improve

ACTION new initiatives and business process improvements

FILTER data and analyse performance by agent, channels and enquiry types

LISTEN to call recordings

EXPORT raw data, statistics and reports quickly and easily.

Value for money providing ROI

Highly cost-effective syndicated program

The syndicated nature of the program allows you to benefit from cost savings, providing exceptional value for money. Choose from three program options: Base, Advanced and Premium with inclusions detailed in the table below:

Tailor the program YOUR WAY

You can tailor the program to your specific needs, for example additional sample, Live Chat assessments, agent training and/or more comprehensive reporting or assessment of additional departments.

Register your interest in the 2024 ATEM Program online information session - Tuesday 13th February, 2pm.

Want to know more about the 2024 ATEM Future Student Benchmark Program?

‘The CSBA ATEM Future Student program allows us to see exactly what we’re doing well and where we can improve. We’re then able to adjust our approach in certain areas, and then see the positive impact those changes have on the overall experience’.

Luciana AndrianiGroup Manager | Monash Connect

‘The program allowed us to identify what we were doing well and where we needed to improve.
We invested in training and developing our team’s skills in these areas and then undertook further assessments. This allowed us to identify new areas of focus and to build on our achievements’.

Melvyn EioFuture Students Centre Manager | University of Western Australia

'Participating in the CSBA Program increased our focus on customer service excellence resulting in an enhanced experience for our prospective students and ensuring consistent high-quality interactions and a student-centred approach from all team members'.

Jessica WardManager – Prospective Students Enquiry Centre | Deakin University

Participation in ATEM has resulted in our team incrementally improve our performance year over year.

CSBA's SenseCX program gives us the overall sector benchmarking score along with best industry CX criteria and the online results portal. This methodology is instrumental to help embed high-performance behaviours in our team and achieving this improvement.

Titus PeterManager Connect Contact Centre