Quality Assurance Reporting Portal

The SenseCX reporting portal makes it easy to measure, track and assess customer experiences – across the organisation, different touch points, teams and individual agents.

One portal. All the answers.

Through the secure SenseCX reporting portal, you can quickly and easily access real-time performance data and assessments to see exactly:

WHAT you are doing well
HOW you are performing overall
WHERE and how you can improve

Simple dashboard and reporting tools


your team’s overall performance against the key SenseCX measures of Success, Ease and Sentiment.


exactly where the opportunity to improve lies and identify specific behaviours that need adjusting.


new behaviors, initiatives, measures and business improvement processes based on meaningful and actionable insights.


data and analyse the performance of individual agents, teams, channels and enquiry types.


to individual call recordings that assessments are based on to truly understand the overall customer experience.


raw data, statistics, dashboards and easy to understand, customisable reports – quickly and easily.

Internal and Independent Quality Assurance applications

The beauty of SenseCX is that it can be used for both Internal Quality Monitoring programs and independent, External Quality Assurance assessments.

Compare and benchmark performance

See how your performance compares to companies in your sector and other sectors, to contextualise and benchmark performance.

Use the data to create better customer experiences

Together, the performance and benchmarking data stored in your portal gives you the insights and understanding you need to:

IDENTIFY opportunities to improve customer experience
TRACK performance over time or measure outcomes of specific initiatives
ASSESS performance of individual agents, teams and departments
COACH and develop your team – with specific, actionable and measurable feedback

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