Qualitative and quantitative

Market Research

Nowadays, customer research informs everything – from strategy, to processes, communications, planning and policy. Collecting the right data is critical – because poor data results in poor insights, poor planning and poor outcomes.

Better research design. Better data. Better insights. Better business outcomes.

Customer research and intelligence can be one of the most powerful assets a business holds. Providing useful, actionable insights that drive business strategy, build brand awareness and loyalty and improve customer acquisition and retention. But there is good data, and bad data…

Good data comes from carefully designed research programs – where the framework, data collection processes and methods, question design, weightings and analysis are best practice. While random, poorly designed surveys, that don’t ask the right questions, often result in poor data.

Our clients come to us because they know the difference. The difference that specialist research experience and expertise has on the quality of the data – and in turn the insights, knowledge and advantages drawn from it. They rely on our analytic expertise to deliver actionable insights that help make their organisations better.

Custom research design

We’re lucky enough to have some of Australia’s best researchers and CX experts on our team. It’s their experience and expertise that allows us to not just collect better data, but to provide you with better insights – from both qualitative and quantitative research.

Working closely with you, we design your research program to ensure that it results in the data and insights you need to drive your decision making. It’s the art and science of ensuring the right questions are asked at the right time, in the right way, using the right method.

Qualitative research

  • Focus groups
  • Online qualitative
  • In-depth interviews (phone & video)

Quantitative research

  • Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI)
  • Email surveys
  • Online surveys

Sector based, syndicated customer research programs

As the pioneers of syndicated, sector based, customer research programs in Australia, CSBA continues to run a variety of different sector based, syndicated research programs.

Tailored to the unique needs and characteristics of each sector, these programs offer participants critical customer experience insights – year after year. Allowing them to not just track performance, but also contextualise and compare it to others inside and outside of their sector.

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Customer Experience measurement

To truly understand, assess and measure your customer experience, you need quality data. Quality data that is collected from both internal and external sources – providing a rounded viewpoint of your oganisational experience.

As customer experience experts, we have over two decades of experience collecting customer experience data, for clients across all sectors. Our unique experience and expertise in this space allows us to both design customer experience measurement programs and implement them.

Our focus is on providing actionable insights that are accessible to all. Easy to use, interactive dashboard reports allow insights and feedback to be shared throughout the organisation.

Feedback and research

  • Voice of the customer
  • Voice of the stakeholder
  • Voice of the business

Performance benchmarking

  • Within your sector
  • Across all sectors

CX Quality Assurance

  • Internal quality monitoring
  • External quality assurance
  • Mystery shopping

Some of our success stories

Perfect balance between theory, practical application and your own experience! it’s not often that a workshop ticks all these boxes

Irina WaltersManager Student Service Centre | Curtin University

Very well presented and provided the team with some excellent strategies and skills for dealing with customers

Rosemary LoweProject Leader, Customer Strategy | Western Water

This was a fantastic session with a presenter possessing a thorough and varied knowledge of customer service

Samantha HudsonSenior Administration Coordinator | Monash University

The training was exceptional and I look forward to the changes that this will bring across the organisation

Danielle PalharesCustomer Focus Team Leader | Wodonga City Council

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