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The CSBA team is made up of a diverse group of CX professionals, from all walks of life and backgrounds. We come together to use our specialist knowledge, experience and expertise to help organisations create better customer experiences.

Meet the people that make CSBA the customer experience experts

Experts in our field, we’re experienced and knowledgeable. But we’re also passionately curious and inquisitive – always looking to learn and grow. Striving to work with you and for you, we aim to strike the right balance between thinking and doing – never losing sight of the task at hand and always delivering.

Inhouse call centre
Unlike many research companies, CSBA doesn’t outsource our call centre work internationally. Instead we have our own inhouse call centre, staffed by highly experienced interviewers who work flexible hours that allow us to reach Australians at the time that suits them.

CX Strategy

Paul van Veenendaal
Managing Director

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Over the last 15 years Paul has helped dozens of public and private sector clients create and deliver better customer experiences.

Paul’s passion for CX began long before he joined CSBA in 2003. He became a champion of the importance of CX and the positive impact innovative and improved customer experiences have on the bottom line, while working in Senior Management roles in the Service and Manufacturing sectors.

As a leader in the field, Paul is regularly called upon to speak at events and share his knowledge and insights. His work has been widely recognised and over the years he’s received a number of Awards for Customer Service Excellence.

Paul has a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and MBA both from Melbourne University.

Sudipta Dutt
CX Consultant

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Sudipta is an expert in her field with 15+ years of experience in research, analysis and consulting. Prior to joining CSBA, she has worked as a consultant with Forethought Research, focusing on the Utilities and Superannuation sectors. Originally from India, Sudipta has previously worked as a Lead Knowledge analyst and as a consultant at BCG and McKinsey, servicing clients across the globe. This unique experience leading marketing analytics projects and solving complex business problems across a range of geographies and functions adds depth to her consulting capabilities, enabling her to partner closely with clients for optimal business results.

She is a critical and strategic thinker and brings a passion for marketing and insights with a particular focus on actionability. Combining statistical rigour with marketing insights, Sudipta is passionate about solving client problems with clarity and relevance to client decision making, thereby delivering value to the customers. She has worked across a span of projects on CX programs and embedding the CX strategy into the business, brand strategy and positioning, customer segmentation, choice modelling and employer satisfaction programs, journey mapping, innovation strategy, product/concept/Ad testing and many more. She enjoys working in market research focusing on delivering value to customers, thereby improving customer satisfaction and retention and stemming out defection areas.

Sudipta holds a Masters degree in International Business and Science from Calcutta University.

Sam Monteath
Senior CX Consultant

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A highly experienced marketing and research professional, Sam is passionate about customer insights and improving overall customer experiences. With over 20 years of experience working across a range of different sectors including FMCG, Retail, Local Government, Tertiary Education, Utilities and Finance, Sam’s commercial experience is vast.

Her research experience is equally as impressive and includes the design and execution of a broad range of complex qualitative and quantitative research projects and client relationship management.

Sam’s passion and energy for delivering value and driving improvement is built on solid foundations of reliability, integrity, knowledge and credibility. She’s heavily invested in understanding client needs to ensure research programs deliver deep, valuable insights that inform and drive change and is considered a trusted advisor and partner by many of her clients.

Sam has a Bachelor of Business from University of Newcastle.

Paul Ulloa
CX Consultant

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A seasoned customer experience professional, Paul has gained his experience working across a variety of different roles and functions. His customer service background and experience in sales training and development makes him a strong customer advocate.

Having helped train hundreds of front-line staff and leaders to deliver positive customer experiences for companies like Carpet Court, Horseland, Joanne Mercer, Zagame’s, Seasol, Coates Hires, and MTU, Paul is highly regarded for his understanding of what creates great customer experiences.

In his role at CSBA, he leads and coordinates significant research projects from start to finish, with clients valuing his attention to detail, passion and overall project management skills.

Paul has a Bachelor of Business and Commerce from Monash University, majoring in Marketing and Management and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Quality Assurance and Training

Narelle Warburton
General Manager – QA and Training Portfolio

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Over the last decade Narelle has held a variety of different roles at CSBA, from leading the Field Operations team, to Client Services and most recently General Manager of the QA and Training portfolio.

Narelle was integral to the conception, development and creation of CSBA’s highly regarded SenseCX Quality Assurance program and in her time with CSBA has helped ensure the company remains at the forefront of contemporary customer experience thinking.

Working closely with clients across all sectors, but in particular Local Government, Tertiary Education, Commercial and Utilities, she drives the design and implementation of quality monitoring and training programs that result in better experiences – for customers and employees.

Vivian Hoang
Manager – QA Team Operations

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Vivian leads the CSBA Quality Assurance Assessment Team, carefully managing, planning and tracking each assessment program to ensure it runs smoothly and is completed on time. Working closely with each individual member of the QA Field team, Vivian ensures all assessments are calibrated with the SenseCX methodology and meet CSBA’s Best Practice standards.

Prior to being promoted to Field Team Operations Manager in 2018, Vivian gained extensive research and QA experience, working in a variety of different roles at CSBA, including as an interviewer, mystery shopper, supervisor and team leader.

In her time with CSBA, she has gained extensive experience managing and coordinating large-scale projects, using a variety of different research approaches, standards and methodologies.

Ann Gedye
Client Services Manager

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Ann is a highly regarded and respected customer experience professional, with more than a decade of experience managing customer satisfaction, quality assurance and training programs.

Working hand-in-hand with CSBA’s Local Government clients, Ann currently manages and oversees their quality monitoring programs, using her extensive CX knowledge and experience to ensure the programs deliver actionable insights that drive business outcomes.

Her ability to simultaneously manage a variety of large-scale projects, keeping clients informed and ensuring each meets CSBA’s best practice standards, is exceptional.

Ann joined CSBA in 2013 after working in a variety of different market research roles around the world.

Tash Kotlarek
Client Services Manager | CX Trainer

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Tash oversees and manages quality monitoring programs for CSBA’s education, utilities and commercial clients. With a strong focus on workplace culture, employee engagement and using quality monitoring to drive continuous improvement, she works hard to help her clients create better customer experiences – “if your people are happy, your customers will benefit!”

Tash worked in the retail sector during her high school and university years, where she discovered her passion for customer experience. She later moved to the contact centre for Australia’s largest telecommunications company, where she was promoted into roles in continuous improvement, employee engagement and project management before joining CSBA as a Client Services Manager in 2019.

Tash has a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master of International Relations, which translates into an eye for detail and a love of process.

Kiri Thom
Client Services Manager – Learning and Development

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Kiri works closely with CSBA client’s customer service teams and other departments to develop and implement customer experience skills development and programs that help our clients create better customer experiences.

With more than 15 years experience working with Australian contact centres in the telecommunications, banking, education, marketing, utilities and non-government organisations sector, Kiri has a wealth of customer experience knowledge and hands on experience.

Her team leadership, call centre management, coaching, quality monitoring, conflict resolution, complaint handling and sales and service training knowledge, combined with her collaborative and engaging nature makes her a great facilitator, trainer and coach.

Janine Mitchell
Training and Development Consultant

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Janine is a highly accomplished customer contact professional with over two decades of experience managing effective, award winning contact centre teams.

Responsible for developing the operations of some of Australia’s best-known and loved brands and customer service leaders, Janine is highly respected throughout the industry.

She’s passionate about employee engagement and firmly believes it is an essential ingredient in business success. At CSBA, Janine helps our clients improve their customer experiences through staff coaching and development and assists in driving business improvement by providing leadership coaching and guidance.

Pier Dartnell
Training and Development Consultant

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Pier is an accomplished Customer Experience Development professional with expertise in designing and implementing end-to-end solutions spanning brand development, service definition, recruitment, training, performance management and quality programs.

With over 20 years of local and global experience across award winning airlines, customer care, call centres, local government, hospitality and the education sector, Pier has effectively managed frontline teams, set up training units and a product and service development department that has delivered business results in a dynamic environment.

Pier is particularly successful in improving customer advocacy (Net Promoter Score), customer satisfaction and problem resolution through customer service and training initiatives. She has a reputation for building strong stakeholder relations as well as engaging teams from diverse cultures and backgrounds to achieve individual and business goals.

Pier has been the lead Project Manager and Trainer for two large tertiary institution projects focussed on consultative, needs based customer service framework development and deployment for CSBA in the last 6 months. She has unrivalled experience in training in the tertiary Student Services environment.


Kerralie Shaw
Research Director

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Kerralie is an experienced executive level strategy professional, who brings the customer lens to the table with commercial acumen and a drive to operationally get things done better.

Balanced career blends corporate client side with fast paced agency tenacity.  Thought leadership experience in vast breadth and depth of consumer categories.  A self-motivated, lateral thinker.  Areas of expertise: board member; marketing strategy; strategic planning; project management; cross functional teams; social media marketing; advertising testing; engaging conference and workshop facilitator, qualitative research moderator; customer & member engagement; shopper insights; staff engagement & training; consumer & buyer behaviour; segmentation personification; vox pops; branding; NPD; UX; online communities.

Kerralie is a full member of  Australian Research Society (formerly AMSRS) and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Bhavya Garg
Research Manager

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Bhavya is an experienced market research professional with international market experience. She has worked in a wide range of sectors including FMCG, Retail and Finance, providing data driven actionable insights and recommendations to clients.

At CSBA, she manages the government sector research projects which includes the annual syndicated customer experience benchmarking study for Australian local governments and councils. She also manages qualitative and ad hoc projects in the finance sector.

A keen learner and creative thinker, Bhavya believes the devil is in the details and is always looking for opportunities to drive business improvement.

Bhavya has her master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and Bachelor of Engineering degree from India.

Lani Suwandi
Research Manager

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Lani is a highly regarded customer experience research analyst with over a decade of experience gained through working in a variety of different analytical research roles at a large financial services organisation, prior to joining the CSBA team.

Her experience is vast and includes conducting online studies focused on customer, employee and change management research. At CSBA, Lani is responsible for driving research projects in the Finance sector, including CSBA’s long-standing Superannuation CX syndicated benchmarking program which tracks NPS, trust and loyalty across the sector, and Utilities Voice of the Customer programs.

Her ability to identify actionable insights, based on her extensive customer experience knowledge is exceptional and she is highly regarded by clients and colleagues alike.

Vibeke Johansen
Research Manager

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Vibeke joined CSBA in May 2014, bringing with her extensive experience in a variety of different areas of customer experience and customer service.

Having spent eight years focussed on mystery shopping and retail audits, Vibeke also has extensive expertise in customer loyalty and staff reward and recognition programs. Through this experience, she has built a comprehensive end-to-end view of how to run successful customer service assessment projects.

In her time at CSBA, Vibeke has managed a wide variety of tracking, ad hoc and syndicated research work across the Education, Government and Finance sectors. She brings a meticulous attention to detail and inquisitive mind to all her projects.

Hannah Savige
Research Analyst

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Hannah has worked both on the agency side of market research and the client side. She has a keen eye for detail and enjoys all the intricate tasks of research projects.

Creating data visualisations, scripting and testing surveys and data analysis in Q are just some of her key strengths.

As a Research Analyst, Hannah assists the Research Managers across three major CSBA sectors – Utilities, Government and Finance. She is an integral part of each and every project, liaising with the internal field team, data scientists and data engineers.

Her Bachelor of Commerce with a major in marketing enables Hannah to interpret client data through a business lens.

Sam Litinsky
Qualitative Specialist

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Sam loves talking to people and understanding why they behave as they do.  She is a creative Qualitative Specialist with 15+ years experience.  Sam can apply qualitative research and consulting techniques to uncover exciting commercial opportunities and develop ‘ah ha’ moments for clients.

Sam is proficient in a number of qualitative methods and likes to use story-telling to bring insights to life.  Sam’s experience extends across multiple industries including Banking & Finance, Business Services & FMCG, and she is confident managing both B2C & B2B projects.

Sam is highly experienced moderating focus group and in-depth interviews at all levels, including executive level and vulnerable customer groups.  Her background spans across both agency and client-side and this enables her to deliver executable qualitative research to CSBA’s clients.

Bridget Keena
Research & Insights Manager

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Bridget joined CSBA in 2021, bringing her passion for finding the story within the data to the research team.

Having previously worked in research agencies and the public sector, she has solid experience in managing and coordinating all activities of fast-paced projects that require integration of qualitative and quantitative components.

Innately curious, Bridget is enthusiastic about deriving actionable insights from data and communicating this effectively to improve outcomes for her clients and the broader community.

At CSBA, Bridget helps ensure that clients ask their stakeholders and customers the right questions. She analyses research and business data to identify trends, derive strategic insights, and report on key performance indicators, providing the results to clients via quality reports, presentations, and online dashboards.

Bridge is also an experienced qualitative interviewer and focus group moderator.

Sam Couch
Data Analyst

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Sam has a passion for data and loves using it to communicate on complex topics. Always ready to learn, and with a curiosity about many subjects, Sam is skilled in taking in the full context of a situation, condensing it down to its relevant parts, and presenting it in a simple yet informative way.

Sam studied Astrophysics at University and from that gained experience with coding and data, especially with research involving large data projects.

Sam prepares data for projects and constructs dashboards for clients to interact with and extract meaningful insights from.

David Bowers
Operation & Field Team Manager

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David is a highly experienced Market Research Call Centre Manager, having worked with IPSOS, the second largest global market and social research company.

With over a decade of experience running CATI call centres in both Australia and New Zealand, David has experience in all aspects of market research. He is inquisitive by nature, loves to ask questions, probe beneath the surface and use data to create better customer experiences.

In his role as Field Team Manager at CSBA, he is responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of CSBA’s market leading CATI call centre and field team.

Nath Leungsuwan
Data Scientist

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Nath lives and breathes data. He continues to seek new and better ways to process data for CSBA’s clients.  His role in CSBA involves data wrangling and extracting meaningful insights out of data.

Nath’s passion for numbers led him start his data-related course and previously landed him a job at Roy Morgan Research as a Data Analyst. He has extensive experience in programming, exposure to cloud computing and contribute to machine learning/deep learning projects.

Nath has a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Thailand and a Master of Data Science and Master of Management from Melbourne University.


Julian Graham
Commercial Manager

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Prior to joining CSBA, Julian worked as the Chief Financial Officer for the ASX-listed companies PSC Ltd and Wellcom Group Ltd. His breadth of experience in the Commercial sector allows him to seamlessly drive improvement and outcomes across strategy, procurement marketing, IT, pricing, sales and change management within a growing business.

In his role as Commercial Manager at CSBA, he reports to the Board of Directors, providing financial and management advice and liaising with legal, banking and accounting providers. He is also is also CSBA’s Privacy Officer.

Julian has a Bachelor of Business (Finance) and is a member of the CPA Association.

Cristina Ainsworth
Office Manager | Executive Assistant

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As CSBA’s Office Manager and Executive Assistant, Cris is integral to the day-to-day operations of the business. With more than 25 years experience supporting Executive Managers and Managing Directors in large multi-national organisations, Cris has an intimate knowledge of operational management, process efficiency and what is required to achieve business excellence.

A dynamic and agile professional, with exceptional organisational and people management skills, Cris supports the leadership team across all functions of the business, including tender and proposal development, CRM management, communications and events.

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