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Customer experience benchmarking program (LG CXB)

This annual research program allows Local Governments to benchmark and understand their customer’s experiences – not just at a contact centre level, but as they move through the organisation.

Longstanding, independent and highly regarded research program

The CSBA Local Government Customer Experience Benchmarking Program (LG CXB) began in 2014. Originally based on Canada’s world-renowned CMT Program, the program has evolved significantly over the years – maintaining relevance and continuing to deliver essential insights and meaningful data.

Despite the ongoing evolution of the program, the methodology and approach maintains consistent questions and scales, that allow participants to track shifts in performance year on year.

Insights that lead to better customer experiences

Through telephone interviews, email and online surveys conducted in March each year, our research team collects the data and insights Local Governments need to:

UNDERSTAND the different stages of the customer journey and the impact on overall satisfaction
MEASURE the value that your council delivers to the community and track shifts year on year
IDENTIFY specific areas where change and investment is needed and adapt and evolve as necessary
COMPARE your performance to other local governments to see how you’re really performing

Track CX from the contact centre to the department

The program doesn’t just explore the customer experience provided at a contact centre level. Instead it tracks the customer’s experience across the different departments that they interact with. Providing you with invaluable insight into the complete customer journey and allowing you to identify specific problem areas and customer pain points.

See how your CX compares to other local governments

Unlike other Voice of the Customer and Customer Satisfaction programs, LG CXB benchmarks performance across the Local Government sector – nationally and at a state level. This unique performance benchmarking allows you to contextualise your results and understand what really constitutes a good result in Local Government.

Exceptional value.
Essential insights.

The syndicated nature of the program makes it exceptional value for money – with research of this quality and nature typically costing twice as much.

We offer a variety of different participation options and can customise elements of the program to suit your council’s specific requirements.

Interactive online dashboard reporting

Highly visual, easy-to-use online dashboards and reporting tools make accessing the data and insights you need simple and straight-forward.

  • Compare and assess CX based on demographics, enquiry types, departments and more
  • View year-on-year historical data and identify trends
  • Compare your performance to state and national benchmarks
  • Cross tabulation Functionality – allows you to perform your own analysis of the data
  • Extract and export data as you need
  • Generate reports on the fly – using My Story generator

‘If you’re serious about customer experience, you can’t afford not to be part of this program’

Elissa GravesManager Customer and Communications | City of Tea Tree Gully’

‘It gives us rich information about where we’re meeting customer expectations and where we need to focus our efforts. The level of detail lets us drill down to specific areas and initiate service improvements where they’re needed.’

LGCXB Participant

‘It allows us to benchmark our service against other highly regarded councils. We want to improve and being thrown in the pack with others who are as good as us (or better), allows us to improve and do better.’

LGCXB Participant

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Join councils from across the country

As the leading, best practice, independent Local Government, CX Research Program, dozens of councils from across the country have taken part, including:

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