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The Power of One: Individuals making an impact on their customers


The stories we have the privilege to share this quarter highlight how one individual can make a difference to those around them. Each of our award winners for the July to September 2023 quarter have been nominated by their leaders for exactly that reason. Sherri Rabjohns from Hobsons Bay City Council has only been with the organisation for a few months but is already making an impact on not only her customers but also her colleagues, with her infectious energy and enthusiasm. Likewise, Imogen Rayner is relatively new to the team at The Australians National University but her commitment to providing high quality service turned a customer with a potential complaint into an advocate for the university. And then there is Matthew Hyde from Western Sydney University, who’s genuine commitment to supporting a potential future student truly shows the power of one person positively impacting another.

You can read Sherri, Imogen, and Matthew’s stories below. Congratulations to you all!

CSBA congratulates the July-September 2023 Most Customer Focused Award winners.

Sherri Rabjohns – Hobsons Bay City Council 

“Sherri started with us in mid 2023 and has gone from strength to strength!”, exclaims Joanna Diakodimitriou, Customer Experience Lead at Hobsons Bay City Council. “Sherri is so humble that she will think she doesn’t deserve this nomination BUT let me tell you a few truths. Sherri has taken all the feedback given, has read all the CSBA guides and she alters her style to ensure she ticks as many boxes on the assessment sheet as possible.”

Joanna tells us that Sherri’s call control is great. “She is upbeat, full of energy and her beaming smile that we can see on the floor, translates perfectly over the phone. She takes the time to ask her customer’s name at the beginning of each call. Why? Because she listens to the feedback given to her, she reads the suggested language in the guide, and she really wants to make a difference.”

Sherri values the customer experience and wants to deliver great service because that is what she expects as a customer elsewhere. Joanna says that “Sherri is not scared to ask the difficult questions. She is always clarifying the reason for the call to ensure she gives accurate information, and often asks her customer if they don’t mind holding while she seeks the right information for them.”

Recently Sherri was commended by one of her colleagues who has been in the same role for a long time. The comment made was “She is such a delight to listen to, she has natural way of talking to customers and is so good at it. I’m learning from her!” Joanna exclaims, “Is there a nicer compliment from a colleague? I have nominated Sherri for this award because she is deserving of it. She is keen, she takes feedback on board and she is driven to get it right for the community! Love your work Sherri!!”. And so do we. Congratulations Sherri!

– The nomination was received from Joanna Diakodimitriou, Customer Experience Lead

Imogen Rayner – Australian National University

From the get-go, Imogen of The Australian National University’s (ANU) Future Students Experience team has always shown a strong ‘can do’ and relatable attitude. This permeates all her interactions with future students when they reach out to the University for assistance and also resonates with colleagues, says her manager, Lucy Nguyen.

“Imogen’s active engagement within the university community sets her apart, particularly as she references it within her role assisting prospective students on the enquiry team,” says Nguyen, the team’s senior enquiry officer. “By leveraging her own experiences of ANU, Imogen offers relatable firsthand insights, and this boosts people’s confidence in her and the information she’s providing, whether over the phone, via live chat or email.”

Imogen also dedicates time to understanding the enquirer’s unique situation, ensuring the provision of relevant information.

Nguyen adds that Imogen recently demonstrated her compassion and leadership when she assisted a student who had missed the deadline for the ANU school leaver’s direct application process for early admission, scholarships and guaranteed accommodation. “Throughout the interaction, Imogen remained calm and empathetic to the student,” Nguyen explains. “She walked them through the alternative application process offered by the University Admission Centre (UAC).”

Nguyen says Imogen’s patience and thorough explanations ensured that the student she helped received all of the essential dates and supplementary details they needed to meet the university’s requirements for the UAC application process.

“This reassured Imogen’s client by giving them the confidence that the new application process would be smooth for them,” she proudly adds. “By the conclusion of their conversation, the student who had spoken with Imogen was optimistic about a future studying at ANU – which is what we always want.”

Imogen has only been part of the enquiry team at ANU for four months. Still, her efforts have established her as a pivotal contributor who proactively assumes her responsibilities and helps out fellow team members.

“Well done, Imogen!” Nguyen enthuses. “You well deserve the CX Agent of the Quarter award for July to September 2023. Your willingness to share your own experiences as an ANU student has been invaluable to our customers, and your fresh and insightful perspectives are something we value on our team.”

– The nomination was received from Lucy Nguyen, Future Students Enquiry Team

Matthew Hyde- Western Sydney University



Sami Beydoun, a Team Leader at Western Sydney University’s Student Services Hub nominated Matthew from for his exceptional commitment to providing tailored and outstanding service to their students. “His continuous dedication to meaningful engagement and consistent improvement in implementing the CSBA framework sets a great example for all of us, and it certainly does not go unnoticed”, says Sami.

One instance that truly highlights Matthew’s dedication occurred when they messaged Sami at the time of a scheduled lunch break. Matthew was delayed due to an in-depth inquiry. The client had complex needs, unpacking details about their prior studies, mental health conditions, critical timelines, and scholarships. Matthew had spent more than 90 minutes at this stage addressing these concerns. While Matthew’s own well-being (or at least his stomach!!) might have temporarily taken a back seat, his unwavering dedication and genuine care for providing exceptional service was evident in this interaction. “We deeply appreciate the positive outcomes that result from Matthew’s service to others” says Sami. And so do we! Congratulations Matthew!

– The nomination was received from Sami Beydoun, Team Leader – Student Services Hub

Nominations are open for the October – December 2023 awards

We’re currently accepting nominations for the October – December 2023 CX Agent of the Quarter awards and encourage all of our clients to nominate agents and frontline staff whose work deserves to be celebrated.

The awards are about celebrating the members of your team who work to create better customer experiences and nominations can be based on a variety of different reasons including:

  • Excellence in the use of a specific SenseCX measure.
  • Consistent improvement in SenseCX assessment scores.
  • Embracing a SenseCX behaviour for the first time – moving the dial away from 0%!
  • Sharing tips or information with the team about how to achieve specific SenseCX behaviours.
  • Embracing a new technique or behaviour to enhance the experience for customers.
  • Handling a complex enquiry really well.
  • Showing a genuine passion to improve a customer’s experience.
  • Transcending customer expectations – going above and beyond for a customer.
  • Finding the perfect balance between people and process for the good of a customer.
  • Showing real leadership and judgement to reflect your organisation’s customer-focused culture or customer promise.
  • Stepping up to report an issue that was impacting customer experience.
  • Finding a creative and/or innovative way to solve a customer’s problem.

To nominate a member, or members, of your team simply complete this nomination form.

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