CSBA Awards – Agent of the Quarter

CSBA Awards:  Agent of the Quarter Nomination Form


Recognise team members providing outstanding CX

 Team Leaders and Managers can nominate team members throughout each quarter for recognition in CSBA’s Agent of the Quarter Awards.

At the end of each quarter, CSBA reviews all nominations and awards three (3) inspirational stories of customer experience delivery.

The twelve (12) quarterly winners become eligible for the CSBA Agent of the Year Award.

What can a team member be nominated for?

We want to hear about ALL the awesome things your team members do for their customers.  While we will happily accept nominations related to SenseCX quality assurance, we are also interested in hearing about what else your team does to go the extra mile for your customers.

Here are a few suggestions of why you might nominate an agent, but this is far from an exhaustive list…

Potential SenseCX related nominations

  • Excellence in the use of a specific SenseCX measures
  • Consistent improvement in SenseCX assessment scores
  • Embracing a SenseCX behaviour for the first time – moving the dial away from 0%
  • Sharing tips/information with the team about how to achieve specific SenseCX behaviours

 Other reasons to nominate a team member

  • Embracing a new technique or behaviour to enhance the experience for customers
  • Handling a complex enquiry really well
  • Showing a genuine passion to improve a customer’s experience
  • Transcending customer expectations – going above and beyond for a customer
  • Finding the perfect balance between people and process for the good of a customer
  • Showing real leadership and judgement to reflect your organisation’s customer-focused culture or customer promise
  • Stepping up to report an issue that was impacting customer experience
  • Finding a creative and/or innovative way to solve a customer’s problem

We are all really looking forward to hearing some awesome stories where your team has really gone the extra mile for their customers.

To nominate an outstanding agent

Just complete the form below!

Kind regards,
Narelle Warburton
CSBA | General Manager – QA and Training

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