Using SenseCX to achieve a big CX improvement

ActewAGL was able to achieve an incredible 28% improvement in CX using SenseCX. In this case study Customer Service Manager, Jane Corkhill tells us how they’ve used SenseCX to drive a culture of continual improvement.

‘SenseCX provides us with an end-to-end CX solution – from the approach, to training, coaching and QA. Our ongoing improvement speaks for itself’

Jane CorkhillCustomer Service Manager

A trusted CX partner

‘CSBA has been performing Mystery Shopping for us for many, many years. While a lot has changed and evolved since we started working together, CSBA has always, and continues to, deliver great value.

We started using SenseCX in October 2017. The fact that it focuses on the actual customer experience, rather than out-dated metrics like speed to answer, is really refreshing.

However, it did take a little while for us all to get our heads around the new metrics and using the three pillars effectively. That said, it has been well worthwhile – our customers are getting a better experience and better outcomes.

How we use SenseCX

We have an ongoing Mystery Shopping program in place, with 44 calls per month.

Our Team Leaders check the SenseCX dashboard daily to see how we are performing. And then we talk about our results with the team. Together, we listen to the calls, both good and bad, and use them to help us to continually do better.

It helps every single one of us to really focus on providing our customers with the best possible experience. And we can see that it’s working. We’re getting lots of positive feedback in our post call Customer Satisfaction surveys.

How it’s working for us

Since implementing SenseCX 12 months ago, we’ve seen continual improvement – month on month.

While it was a big shift for us initially, everyone in the department has embraced the SenseCX methodology. We now use the SenseCX theory and pillars of Success, Ease and Sentiment to inform our approach to all customer contact, both internal and external.

It is a central part of our staff induction, training and ongoing development. And, it allows us to identify and celebrate individual agent’s successes and provide targeted training and coaching where and when it is needed. It is working really well for us’.

‘We’re operating in a competitive environment. Being able to see how we compare to our competitors is really powerful’

Jane CorkhillCustomer Service Manager

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