See how CSBA is helping Nillumbik Shire Council create better customer experiences.

Nillumbik Shire Council’s CX Lead, Craig King, shares how CSBA’s research and benchmarking programs provide the council with the insight and understanding they need to create better customer experiences.


‘Our work with CSBA has allowed us to really understand our customer experience, develop a strategy to improve it and track our performance as we go’

Craig KingCX Lead

Developing and implementing our Customer First Strategy

A key component of Nillumbik Shire Council’s 2017 Council Plan was focused on enhancing the council’s interaction with residents by improving the overall customer experience. We knew that to develop a Customer First Strategy that would allow the council to achieve this objective, we needed to gather relevant and independent data and insights about our customer’s experiences. We met with a variety of different research and customer experience companies to understand and assess the different options available.

Designing the framework

CSBA’s proposal included tools that would allow us to create a 360 degree view of the current customer experience, while creating a platform for consistent and ongoing measurement and assessment of our performance. This solution really resonated with us because it offered an independent and consistent method that could be used to inform the development of the strategy and monitor performance after it was implemented. It involved three key components:

1. Customer centricity audit

The audit allowed us to assess our current capabilities and identify opportunities to improve the organisation’s overall customer centricity.

With feedback and responses collected from more than 230 council employees, across multiple departments and Executive Management, it provided us with much needed insight into how the organisation viewed itself.

It also helped us understand what was required to create a more customer-centric culture focused on constant improvement. Some of the key priorities  identified included the need for:

  • Formalised recognition and motivation.
  • Ongoing CX measurement and metrics.
  • Customer feedback to be used to inform organisation plans, actions and activities.

2. Customer experience research

Through CSBA’s Local Government CX Benchmarking Program (CXB) we were able to understand our customer experience capabilities – from the viewpoint of our customer.

As a syndicated program, it provided us with an independent assessment and showed us exactly how our performance compared to other organisations that do exactly the same thing we do.

Because the research tracks the customer’s experience across the different departments they interact, with we were able to gain an understanding of the customer journey and identify specific pain points or problem areas that needed attention.

Importantly, this research gave us a baseline benchmark for monitoring our progress over time.

3. Independent CX assessment

Finally, we undertook a mystery shopping program using CSBA’s SenseCX framework to provide us with an independent assessment of the experience we were providing to our customers. This allowed us to identify exactly what we were doing well and the specific areas that needed attention.

Continuing to measure, monitor and progress our Customer First Strategy

Together, these three key activities provided the 360 degree view we needed to measure, monitor and progress our Customer First Strategy and let us see exactly what was going on – from the good, to the bad and the ugly.

We continue to work closely with CSBA, participating in CXB twice a year, using SenseCX as a robust, independent customer experience quality assurance program, along with the new Voice of the Customer program which gives us immediate, on the ground insight into what is happening.

Not only are the programs excellent value for money, they provide us with best practice, independent data and insights to guide our planning and decision making.

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