Local Government

Voice of the Customer Program (LG VOC)

Create a consistent, ongoing customer feedback loop for your council that provides the understanding and insights you need to adapt and respond to customer's needs.

Designed by Local Government – for Local Government

Developed collaboratively with a panel of Australian Local Governments, LG VOC has been designed to address the unique challenges councils face in implementing effective Voice of the Customer programs.

Delivering ongoing, in-depth insights it allows your council to quickly and cost-effectively:

Implement an ongoing and consistent customer feedback loop
Consistently collect customer feedback across all departments and customer touch points
Assess and analyse performance across the organisation to identify specific customer pain points
Adapt and evolve based on customer expectations and monitor the impact of initiatives
See how your council's performance compares to other councils

How the Voice of Customer program works


Customer contacts your council with an enquiry

This could be through your contact centre, a specific department or via phone, email, chat, social or in person.


Customer's invited to provide feedback about the experience

Inviting customers to provide feedback is quick and easy – they’re simply sent a direct link to your post contact survey.


Feedback is securely stored in your reporting portal

Each customer’s responses, including verbatim comments, are securely stored in your reporting portal.

One Dashboard. All the answers.

You customer feedback and performance data is stored securely in your reporting portal – which you can access from anywhere at anytime to:

See what you are doing well
Identify opportunities to improve
Track performance and shifts over time
Adapt and evolve in line with your customers expectations


whole of organisation performance scores for key metrics – Sentiment, Satisfaction, Ease and First Contact Resolution.


opportunities to improve and specific customer pain points – at an organisational and departmental level.


new initiatives, measures and business process improvements based on meaningful customer insights.


data and analyse performance of specific departments, channels and enquiry types – overall and across particular time periods.


to verbatim comments from customers to truly understand how they think and feel, and how you can better meet their needs


raw data, statistics, reports and dashboards, quickly and easily from the portal.

Collect customer feedback from multiple channels and multiple departments

It doesn’t mater what department or channel your customer uses to engage with your council – LG VOC makes it possible to consistently collect customer feedback across all channels.





Face to Face

Easy to implement and easy to use

LG VOC is quick and easy to implement, easy to use and delivers the essential customer feedback and insights you need to create better customer experiences.

Because the survey questions are standardised, you have the added benefit of being able to compare your results to other councils and contextualise your performance. This performance benchmarking data can prove incredibly valuable as it allows you to understand what constitutes a good result in your sector.

Surveys also include theme based questions that are adapted each quarter, in consultation with participants. These provide you with additional insight into a specific area – like your councils response to COVID-19.

You decide how often and who surveys are issued to. You might choose to invite every customer to complete the survey, or you might do it randomly, focus on specific departments or touchpoints, or even take a month on, month on approach –  the choice is yours.

Join other leading Local Governments

Councils from across the country are using LG VOC to consistently collect and analyse customer feedback across departments and channels, including:

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