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COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the higher education sector. The need to monitor and improve the customer experience has never been greater as institutions seek ways to stand out from the pack. CSBA can help drive more student enrollments with a trusted and proven quality assurance model.

Deliver a better experience

Through the CSBA & ATEM Future Student Experience Benchmarking program you can see exactly how well your institution is meeting the needs of future students.

Are you effectively handling their enquiries and creating a positive first impression? Or are they being left with unanswered questions and a negative view of your institution?

The program provides you with the critical information, data and insights your team, and individuals in it, need to adapt and evolve your processes immediately and potentially maximise your 2021 enrolments.

Key features of the program

The program allows you to gain a true understanding of the experience potential students have. Over a four week period, CSBA’s experienced mystery shoppers contact your institution posing as a prospective future student. The nature of each interaction is that of a general enquiry, designed to assess the overall experience your staff provide.

By registering to the Base program you’ll receive:


Phone assessments


Email assessments


month portal dashboard access


tickets for CSBA Master Class


entry to ATEM 2021 Customer Service Award


Calibration session


Recommendations report

Dedicated support

from your Client Services Manager

Drive a culture of continuous improvement with an actionable dashboard

You’re able to drill down into the detail of each assessment and identify specific behaviours that your team, or individual agents, can adjust to improve customer experiences.

This invaluable information gives you the insights and understanding you need to help your team evolve and improve immediately.

Each year, we see many of our participants achieve significant improvements in their overall customer experiences, helping to maximise their enrolments.

Highly cost-effective syndicated program

The syndicated nature of the program means that it provides exceptional value for money for customer experience assessments of this calibre .

We’re also able to tailor the program to align with your specific requirements, whether that be larger sample sizes, additional channels, agent training, more comprehensive reporting or assessment of additional departments or teams.

You can choose from three different program participation options to suit your team’s needs:

“Participation in ATEM has resulted in our team incrementally improve our performance year over year. CSBA’s SenseCX program gives us the overall sector benchmarking score along with best industry CX criteria and the online results portal. This methodology is instrumental to help embed high performance behaviors in our team and achieving this improvement.”

Titus PeterManager Connect Contact Centre

2018: 70.9%

2019: 82.0%

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