Our philosophy on ‘Measuring Ease’

Customers want the right outcome. What it simply means is “Give me what I need, quickly, and easily“.  The three main customer service elements to measure are NPS, CSAT and EASE i.e. also termed as CES (Customer effort score). It is crucial to get the combination of the above three right to drive customer centricity at any organisation.

What is measuring EASE?

Measuring ease is about the effort a customer has to exert to get the desired outcome.

An Easy and seamless experience while interacting, from the beginning till end:

  • Easy to know: Available information, contact etc.
  • Easy to understand: Information provided, enable customer to plan
  • Easy to action: Lodging Connection Form or Complaint Form
  • Easy to resolve: Queries



Best practice is to measure Ease and satisfaction across touch points and various points of engagement.


Why measure ease when we have NPS and CSAT?

As quoted previously, NPS, CSAT and Ease are the main customer satisfaction metrics and they fit into the puzzle together to solve a customer’s issue.

  Transparent comparison or benchmark

  • While NPS and CSAT are measured differently by various organisations that leads to a debate around comparability and benchmarking. Companies often seem to fail to compare their scores to their competitors or other sectors as CSAT could be measures via different methods and NPS could be transaction, strategic etc.
  • However, ease is a metric which is extremely transparent when it comes to comparison or benchmark. It is an apple to apple comparison for all – because it is fairly simple to ask the question on a standard scale.

All inclusive: driving external and internal growth

  • Ease is a predictor of satisfaction, loyalty and repurchase behaviour, so it includes the main elements of CSAT and NPS in itself.
  • Making the interactions easy for customers makes the life of employees easy as well – thereby increasing job satisfaction and decreasing employee attrition.



Measuring ease is critical


Though there has been an y-o-y improvement observed in the ease scores in the electricity and gas sector, there is enough room for improvement


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