Holmesglen ranks #1 in Customer Service – again! 

Wins the 2022 ATEM Customer Service Excellence Award

Holmesglen TAFE has maintained its #1 position in 2022, after receiving the top gong in 2021.

The award, announced in Adelaide, at the 2022 Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) Student Service Centres Conference, saw Holmesglen increase its overall customer satisfaction score by six points – from 85% in 2021 to 91% in 2022.

The CSBA-ATEM Future Student Experience Benchmarking Program provides insights on the experience potential students have, using the three pillars of best practice customer experience measurement – Success, Ease, and Sentiment. There were 12 participating tertiary institutions this year. And the overall average score was 74%.

Over a four-week period, CSBA’s experienced CX team members posed as future students across phone, email, and live chat enquiries to assess the agent’s performance, against 30 specific customer-focused behaviours.

For Holmesglen, Success – the degree to which the customer can accomplish their goals – increased by a formidable 10 points – from 84% in 2021 to 94% in 2022.

Ease – the effort the customer expends to accomplish their goals – increased by five points – from 81% to 86%.

In second position, Western Sydney University climbed from third position in 2021, with an improved overall score of 90% – rising six points from 84% last year.

Success grew from 86% to 92%, Ease increased from 79% to 84%, and Sentiment rose from 89% to 97%

In third position, Deakin University jumped from fifth position in 2021, with an improved overall score of 88% – rising a massive 12.8 points from 75.2% last year.

Success grew from 86% to 92%, Ease increased from 62% to 81%, and Sentiment rose from 80% to 92%

CSBA managing director, Paul van Veenendaal, said the program provided critical data and insights for future student teams to continually evolve and improve on enrolment outcomes.

“There is no doubt that for many future students, their first experience has a huge influence on where they decide to apply. Which is why consistent performance benchmarking delivers excellent return on investment each year, at a time where competition to secure new students continues to surge.”

“I Congratulate our participants on their sustained efforts to do better and strive for excellence in supporting future students. It is a pleasure to witness the enormous progress in your customer service journey,” said van Veenendaal.

Program participants (in order of benchmark ranking):

Ranking 1. Holmesglen

Ranking 2. Western Sydney University

Ranking 3. Deakin University

Ranking 4. Australian National University

Ranking 5. University of Newcastle

Ranking 6 (tie). The University of Adelaide

Ranking 6 (tie). Massey University

Ranking 8. Curtin University

Ranking 9. University of Canberra

Ranking 10. TAFE Gippsland

Ranking 11. RMIT

Ranking 12. Federation University

For more information on the CSBA-ATEM Future Student Experience Benchmarking Program, email kate.gorman@csba.com.au

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