Local Government Customer Experience Benchmarking Program

The City of Tea Tree Gully has participated in the CSBA Local Government CX Benchmarking Program for many years. Manager of Customer and Communications, Elissa Graves, explains why.

‘If you’re serious about customer experience, you can’t afford not to be part of this program’

Elissa GravesManager Customer and Communications

Central to our Customer First Strategy

The City of Tea Tree Gully has participated in the Local Government CX Benchmarking Program for the last five years.

While we have a number of internal measures in place, the Program provides us with a variety of bigger picture industry insights and comparisons that we can’t get ourselves. It’s this knowledge and understanding that has helped to inform the development and evolution of our customer strategy.

Understanding how we compare to other local governments

Being able to see exactly how our customer’s experiences compare to other local governments, is invaluable. Without it, our understanding of how we’re performing is limited – it’s all just numbers, without any context.

A view of the end-to-end customer journey

Through the Program we’re able to view and understand actual customer journeys and the unique experiences they have as they move through the business. Their verbatim comments provide us with a true view of what it is really like to deal with us.

This knowledge is incredibly powerful and has allowed us to identify specific pain points that impact on overall satisfaction. All of which has helped to inform the development of our new Customer Management System and processes.

Driving strategic direction

The data and insights collected over the years has been used to inform the development of our bigger picture strategic direction. It allows for evidence based decision making – We knew this. We did this. And this changed.

By participating in the program each year, we’ve been able to effectively track shifts and assess the impact of our various initiatives and the changes we’ve made.

Connect and collaborate with other local governments

Local Governments by their very nature are collaborative. Through the program we’re able to connect with other organisations. To come together and share our learnings and see what others are doing. To really work together and learn together.

Results that speak for themselves

The City of Tea Tree Gully has participated in the Program since 2013.

The insights and understanding gleaned over the years has assisted the organisation in evolving its approach and becoming the CX leader in the Local Government Sector.

Overall customer satisfaction


Sector average 57%

First contact resolution


Sector average 57%

Net ease


Sector average 53%

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