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The City of Parramatta improved its CX by 12% in just 12 months. Customer Contact Centre Service Manager, Tim Franey explains how SenseCX was instrumental in allowing them to create better customer experiences.

‘The beauty of SenseCX is that it is more than just an assessment tool. It provides us with a framework for delivering ‘best in class’ experiences’

Tim FraneyCustomer Contact Centre Service Manager

Why we chose SenseCX

‘In this day and age, customers are looking to have a good experience when they make contact. While they don’t want to be on hold forever, they care more about how we service them, than how quickly we answer the phone.

For this reason, we’ve always prioritised assessing the overall customer experience – over and above the basic metrics.

Having worked with CSBA for over a decade, we were really excited to implement SenseCX when it was launched. Not only does it offer a world class platform for assessing customer experience, the holistic methodology that underpins it can be taught and embedded in our approach and operations.

External Quality Assurance

At the City of Parramatta, we use SenseCX as an external and independent assessment of our customer experience.

Each month we provide a completely random selection of call recordings to CSBA for assessment.

These are real life customers, asking real life questions, which allows us to get a true understanding of how we’re performing.

The Dashboard reporting makes it easy to drill down into the results. It tells us what we’re doing well. But more importantly, it also tells us where and how we need to improve. We then use this insight as the basis of our team coaching and development.

Training, coaching and development

The beauty of SenseCX is that it is more than just an assessment tool. It provides us with a framework for delivering ‘best in class’ experiences.

When we introduced it, CSBA provided training for every member of our team. Through two interactive, half day workshops, they taught us about the fundamentals of Success, Ease and Sentiment and how to achieve them.

This foundation education, along with the ongoing support and detailed assessments, has allowed us to completely embrace the approach. We live and breath it, and have decorated our space with posters and pointers that reinforce the key factors, so that it is always top of mind.

While it’s been a big shift in our approach and thinking, the hard work is paying off – we are seeing really positive outcomes as a result’.

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