Creating better customer experiences with SenseCX

Over the last year Western Sydney University has improved CX by more than 25%. Contact Service Centre Manager, Sara Tavora explains how SenseCX has been instrumental in achieving this improvement.

‘SenseCX is helping us improve our soft skills and driving a culture of continual improvement'

Sara TavoraManager, Contact Service Centre

Why we chose SenseCX

‘At Western, our focus is on delivering a good experience. Letting the customer know we’re there for them and that we care.

Unlike other Quality Assurance tools that are really just about ticking boxes, SenseCX gave us the ability to assess our agent’s soft skills and personal interactions.

It’s taken our QA to whole new level and we’ve seen constant improvement since implementing it.

We can see that calls go more smoothly and that our customers are feeling cared about. Our agents get compliments from customers, saying how good they are.

How it’s working for us

The real time reporting gives us tangible and specific things to focus on.

We check it constantly, and it is a source of motivation for our team. It’s driving a culture of continual improvement and some healthy competition in the team.

It holds every single one of us accountable, because the assessments are external and unbiased. It’s no longer about ticking off boxes. Our agents have to put in the effort.

Being able to see how we compare to our competitors and other sectors, really does keep everyone on their toes and stop us from becoming complacent.

How we use SenseCX

We’ve always believed that internal QA is important, but that external QA is essential. We have an ongoing program in place with CSBA and each month they perform:

  • 20 telephone assessments
  • 20 email assessments
  • 10 live chat assessments

These ongoing assessments are central to our training and coaching program and allow us to hone in on the specific skill sets required for each channel.’

SenseCX Top 10 performer

Western ranked 8th in CSBA’s 2018 Annual CX Benchmarking Program. It assesses over 130 different Service Centres in the finance, utilities, automotive, commercial, travel and education sectors.

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