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The team at Barwon Water are kicking goals when it comes to customer experience. Manager of Customer Experience, Jane Tyzack explains how focussing on employee engagement has delivered tremendous results – for staff and customers.

"The team is more focussed and engaged. They feel more valued and are getting the recognition they deserve"

Jane TyzackManager Customer Experience

Great employee experiences create great customer experiences

We knew that improving our customer’s experiences required us to first focus on improving our own employee’s experiences – to create a customer centric environment where staff have the tools, training, approach and framework they need to excel.

SenseCX provided us with the framework they need to perform well – a consultative service approach and methodology for developing skills as well as an internal and external quality monitoring solution.

Transforming employee experience and improving their journey

Over the course of a year we overhauled our employee journey, embedding the SenseCX methodology and approach throughout it. Like any change, there were challenges, but the team embraced it and the results have been tremendous.

Our team is more focussed and engaged in the work they’re doing. They have clarity around what is expected and are engaged in the process. They’re more open, feel more valued and recognise the importance of their role.

From strength to strength

Over the first 6 months we saw a dramatic improvement in our customer experiences,with our overall SenseCX score going from 66% to 75%.

Earlier this year we had staffing changes and a group of new agents join us. As you’d expect, overall performance did drop back – however it recovered in two months highlighting the effectiveness of our new recruitment, onboarding, development, assessment and recognition program, and of course the SenseCX methodology and framework.


Creating better customer experiences, by embeddng SenseCX at each stafe of the employee journey

Staff recruitment
  • Job descriptions emphasise customer centricity.
  • Selection criteria prioritises customer centric skills in selection process.
  • Behavourial interview questions assess individual’s ability to deliver customer centric experiences.
  • CX skills development training and competency assessment included in induction process.
  • Retraining and further development scheduled as/when required.
  • Mentor/Buddy assigned.
  • Tools and tips supplied for desk/PC
  • SenseCX Quality Monitoring assessments (self, internal and external) introduced.
Training and development
  • Monthly self, internal and external CSBA call assessments.
  • One on one coaching.
  • Scheduled self education time – for personal reviews of calls and self assessment.
Reward and recognition
  • New KPI’s based on SenseCX measures – for the team as a whole and individuals.
  • Peer-to-peer recognition program – recognising one another’s efforts and achievements within the team.
  • Monthly team meetings to share positive experiences.

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