Deakin University has won the 2023 ATEM Customer Service Excellence Awards

Deakin University has taken the #1 position in the 2023 CSBA ATEM Future Student Experience Benchmarking Program! After finishing third in 2022, this year the team scored 84.4% marginally outperforming the previous winners, Holmesglen, by just 0.5 points.

The CSBA ATEM Future Student Experience Benchmarking Program provides insights on the experience potential students have when dealing with tertiary institutions. This is done by using the three pillars of best practice customer experience measurement – Success, Ease, and Sentiment. 12 tertiary institutions participated in the program, with the overall average score of 70.7%.

Over an eight-week  period, CSBA’s experienced quality assessment team posed as future students, across phone and email enquiries, to assess the agent’s performance against up to 31 research based, specific customer-focused behaviours.

For Deakin, Sentiment – how the interaction makes the customer feel – was the highest scoring of the three pillars at 90.4. However, it was their Ease score of 77.1 that set them apart from the other participants.

In second position was Holmesglen at 83.9% overall, with The Australian National University coming in at third place with 82.7%, moving up the rankings one position compared to the 2022 program.

CSBA CX Director for Education, Kate Gorman, said the program continues to provide critical data and insights for future student teams to continually evolve and improve engagement with potential students.

“First impressions play a critical part in the decision-making of a prospective student when deciding where to study. The impression they are left with after their first contact with a tertiary institution could mean the difference between deciding to apply there or not.

The CSBA ATEM program provides consistent, objective measurement of the customer experience delivery for the participant and how they compare to the benchmark. These insights allow institutions to identify where improvements may be needed and to celebrate the success of the areas their team excel in.”

Congratulations to all participants in their efforts to strive for excellence in the future student experiences they deliver. A special congratulations to the top performer in 2023, Deakin University. It’s not easy to deliver a positive customer experience consistently and it’s a credit to your Future Students team to take out the #1 position this year.

Program participants (in order of benchmark ranking):

Ranking 1. Deakin University

Ranking 2. Holmesglen

Ranking 3. Australian National University

Ranking 4. Massey University

Ranking 5. Western Sydney University

Ranking 6. University of Newcastle

Ranking 7. TAFE Gippsland

Ranking 8. University of Canberra

Ranking 9. Federation University

Ranking 10. Curtin University

Ranking 11. University of New England

Ranking 12. Melbourne Polytechnic

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