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It’s all about the ‘care factor’ 

The stories of this quarter’s CSBA Agent Award winners reveal a common thread: to excel at customer service the one thing you need to have is the ‘care factor’. The best agents will not only have the knowledge and skills required to service their customers, but they will also have a genuine desire the help, to do the right thing, to do the best they can by others.

CSBA is proud to recognise the ‘care factor’ displayed by Charlotte O’Grady from Deakin University, Michelle Douglas from Holmesglen, and from Chloe Lethbridge Salt at the University of Queensland. You can read more about their stories below.

CSBA congratulates the Jan-Mar 2022 Most Customer Focused Award winners

Charlotte O’Grady – Deakin University

While going through ATEM participant’s email results, I came across an email from Charlotte. From the many email and phone interactions I have seen throughout my time at CSBA, I felt that this was one of the best examples of Answered Unasked Questions that I had ever seen”, said Client Services Manager Vivian Hoang.

When an email from a prospective student, concerned about potential poor results came through asking for pathways to becoming a vet, Charlotte listened carefully to the customer’s situation and imparted her knowledge for not only the course, but also a wealth of information about test/exam preparation articles and pages.  “I feel like this is the exact thing we are looking for when we are talking about Unasked Questions and being Responsive to Cues. Charlotte clearly gets it and definitely deserves this nomination!” Congratulations Charlotte! We very much value these key customer-focused behaviours at CSBA, and it warms our hearts when we see it in action!

– The nomination was received from Vivian Hoang, CSBA Client Services Manager

Michelle Douglas – Holmesglen

The team at Holmesglen Connect recently participated in (and won!) CSBA’s annual ATEM Future Students Benchmarking Program. Thien Chung, Senior Connect Officer at Holmesglen said, “Michelle Douglas was one of the best agents at Connect during the months of February and March 2023. She has developed her customer service skills over the years and demonstrated a genuine desire to improve the customer experience for prospective students at Holmesglen.”

Michelle’s approach to client contact is always honest and knowledgeable, providing customers with the information they require in an efficient and friendly manner. Not only is she passionate about her work but she is also incredibly proficient at dealing with difficult customers. She’s a valuable asset to the management team at Holmesglen Connect because she’s always willing to take on more responsibility when necessary. Thien says of Michelle, “She is a great team player who is eager to assist colleagues with any challenges especially when it comes to completing the job on time.” Congratulations Michelle!

– The nomination was received from Thien Chung, Senior Connect Officer

Chloe Lethbridge Salt – University of Queensland




In September 2021 when first starting her training at UQ, Chloe advised she was one to sit back and observe to learn. Once out of training, most of the group quickly took to taking calls solo whereas Chloe was still buddying with others. “One day she asked to speak to me and said that she was struggling, says Lizzie Winter, Chloe’s Team Leader. “She talked about how she loved the job but couldn’t get her head around it and offered to step back so she wasn’t letting the team down.”

“This did not sit well with me!”, says Lizzie. “I reminded Chloe of her own words, that she is one to observe and she is doing exactly what she told me she would! I explained why she was recruited and what she brings to this team. I re-assured her that she needs more time, and we will try some different training methods.”

After spending some time working on the live chat channel, Chloe’s subject matter knowledge had grown so much that she felt much more comfortable interacting with customers in real time over the phone. Fast-forwarding to December, Chloe was scoring 70% on telephone assessments. And with a bit more ‘observing’ she received an 81% and 90% in the month of March. “The girl who sat at my desk only a few months earlier is now the highest CSBA performer in my team!”, says a very proud Lizzie. “The feeling of being behind – even though she wasn’t – was a huge weight on her shoulders. Despite this, she felt the fear and did it anyway!”

Lizzie says, “It has meant everything to see the results come through from CSBA. You are experts in customer service and independent to the work that we do. Regardless of the outcome, she is the ultimate winner in my books!” We agree, Lizzie! Congratulations to Chloe!

– The nomination was received from Lizzie Winter, Team Leader

Nominations are open for the April – June 2022 awards

We’re currently accepting nominations for the April – June 2022 CX Agency of the Quarter awards and encourage all of our clients to nominate agents and frontline staff whose work deserves to be celebrated.

The awards are about celebrating the members of your team who work to create better customer experiences and nominations can be based on a variety of different reasons including:

  • Excellence in the use of a specific SenseCX measure.
  • Consistent improvement in SenseCX assessment scores.
  • Embracing a SenseCX behaviour for the first time – moving the dial away from 0%!
  • Sharing tips or information with the team about how to achieve specific SenseCX behaviours.
  • Embracing a new technique or behaviour to enhance the experience for customers.
  • Handling a complex enquiry really well.
  • Showing a genuine passion to improve a customer’s experience.
  • Transcending customer expectations – going above and beyond for a customer.
  • Finding the perfect balance between people and process for the good of a customer.
  • Showing real leadership and judgement to reflect your organisation’s customer-focused culture or customer promise.
  • Stepping up to report an issue that was impacting customer experience.
  • Finding a creative and/or innovative way to solve a customer’s problem.

To nominate a member, or members, of your team simply complete this nomination form.

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