Kaylene Bessell from Hunter Water wins 2021 title


Hunter Water customer service agent, Kaylene Bessell, is Agent of the Year for 2021.
Selected from 12 outstanding winners of the CSBA Quarterly Agent Awards throughout the year, Bessell impressed the panel of judges with her passion and drive to solve a customer’s problem.

CSBA General Manager of QA and Training, Narelle Warburton, said Bessell went over and above customer expectation to create a resolution for an elderly and distraught customer who did not have internet access or the ability to travel to an office.
“She showed remarkable empathy and initiative to identify where there could be flexibility in Hunter Water’s processes, to attend the customer’s property,” said Warburton.

“The result was an extremely grateful customer who received her refund, education around the refund process, and the setup of ongoing direct debit payments.”

Hunter Water’s team leader, Kellie Dunning, said she was proud of Bessell’s ability to pinpoint the customer’s concerns and act by using the SenseCX framework throughout her interaction.

“Thank you CSBA for providing us with the tools and principles to best manage our interactions. The customer said she would be shouting from the rooftops about Hunter Water and how far they went to assist her.”

CSBA Managing Director, Paul van Veenendaal, said: “Well done Kaylene and my warmest congratulations! The inaugural CSBA Agent of the Year award was created to applaud the best CX performers for 2021 – in one of the most challenging years where contact volume, customer expectations and hardship were at their highest levels.”

Four new CX team award winners named

As part of the annual accolade, four team awards have been introduced in 2021 to celebrate the Top Performing CX Team (Hunter Water), Most Consultative CX team (Western Sydney University), Most Consistent CX team (Spirit Super), and Most Improved CX team (University of Auckland).

Warburton said the winning teams were selected from all participating CSBA clients, out of the 193 organisations across eight sectors that were assessed in the 2021 CSBA SenseCX Quality Assurance Benchmarking program; where performance in customer interactions were objectively  assessed against a robust set of 30 customer service standards that contribute to Success (solve my problem), Ease (make it easy for me) and Sentiment (give it the human touch).

“By publishing the results of ongoing assessments within a 12-month period, we continue to see organisations better understand the customer experience they offer and make incremental changes to improve that experience.”

Hunter Water wins double honours – also named Top Performing Team for 2021

“Not just in the call centre, but throughout the organisation,” said Warburton. “Hunter Water has worked hard over several years to put their customers first in how they do business. It is that sort of deeply embedded commitment to customers that drives frontline staff to truly excel,” said Warburton.

Hunter Water Executive Manager Customer Services, Matt Hingston, said their achievement was testament to the care, passion and responsiveness of the team – and the lengths they go to – to continually provide excellent services to its customers and the community.

“We understand the importance of speed and ease in every interaction, and even with the difficult circumstances we had during COVID-19, we have continued to show that we’re among the best in the country at serving our customers.”

Contact Centre Manager for Spirit Super, Michael Felmanis, said being named Most Consistent CX Team for 2021 was extremely pleasing, particularly given the number of new team members we have recruited into our Contact centre team over this period.

“For a team that is still consolidating its skills in both superannuation and contact centre work, this award provides a huge injection in confidence and certainly provides additional motivation for us to strive to improve our capability even further. Working with CSBA has also provided us with real clarity on how we can improve the service we provide our members moving forward.”

For more information on the CSBA Awards, contact narelle.warburton@csba.com.au

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