How NGS Super turned data into problem-solving action

NGS Super is the leading Industry SuperFund for those in the education and community sectors, and open to all Australians. The fund partners with 13,000 employers in the non-government education and community sectors, managing over $13.4 billion in super savings.

NGS Super is focused on member outcomes, delivering a high level of customer service and award-winning products with low fees.

“The more in-depth analysis we do, the more we learn about our members and the more we expect from the data. And that’s when improvements begin.”

Sadeer JanSenior Business Intelligence Manager

The challenge

NGS Super collects a large amount of data internally to inform organisational strategy. The fund recognised a need for deep data analysis to uncover the drivers of customer sentiment, identify gaps and take the right action.

Analysis in the context of the wider superannuation industry was important, including the need to measure performance against other super funds.

“Measuring customer satisfaction and promotion scores goes beyond the high-level findings,” explains Senior Business Intelligence Manager at NGS Super, Sadeer Jan. “Understanding the drivers behind those scores is key for us and helps us close the gaps.”

“The more in-depth analysis we do, the more we learn about our members and the more we expect from the data. And that’s when improvements begin.”

The solution

NGS Super joined the CSBA Superannuation Customer Experience Benchmarking Program to obtain the most relevant insights captured from employers and members who have contacted NGS via telephone, face-to-face, email, service request or online chat. Findings provide a comprehensive industry benchmark, comparing the fund to the industry.

Created by CSBA, FEAL and Melbourne Business School, the syndicated program covers two waves of research each February and July. It delivers detailed insights reports and in-depth analysis of results, while identifying specific opportunities for funds to evolve, strengthen and improve what matters.

To enhance its research, NGS included custom questions and variables to deepen the insights.

The results 

NGS Super has participated in the program for 10 years, with year-on-year NPS improvements growing from -6 in July 2012 to +22 in July 2021.

The NGS Business Intelligence team is highly engaged, sharing its research findings with a wide group of stakeholders to start robust discussions, workshops and brainstorming sessions and ultimately drive improvements.

The research provides visibility for teams to lead specific initiatives — like the fund’s automation journey — which are now embedded in everything NGS does.

For NGS Super, the value of the CSBA benchmarking program lies in new knowledge, deeper understanding of root causes and help prioritise business activities to drive improvement.

“CSBA’s experience, capability, and understanding of our organisation and industry have been instrumental in our success for more than a decade,” says Sadeer.

“Each year, we continue to evolve. And each year, CSBA never fails to point out elements to consider and tweaks our research program according to what we want to achieve. Our return on investment has been fantastic.”

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