Customer Journey Mapping

See how Hunter Water used customer journey mapping to inform the development of the organisations Customer Strategy and approach.

‘Customer Journey Mapping allowed us to pinpoint the gaps in our customers’ experiences and address them head on’

Doug LucasProgram Manager Customer Strategy

We were preparing to transform our Customer Experience

‘Three years ago we embarked on a journey to become a truly customer centric business.

We knew that sometimes it wasn’t as easy as it should be for our customers to get what they needed from us. That there were issues with communications, lodging and tracking and consistency of the information provided.

As part of our Customer Strategy, we set out to address these issues head on.

Our plan was to restructure and overhaul our customer service delivery – to provide the customer with a single point of contact, from start to finish.

Journey Mapping allowed us to see things from the customers’ perspective

While we had a strong grasp on the issues, we knew that in order for us to become customer-centric we had to understand the actual customer experience through their eyes. To walk a mile in their shoes.

The Journey Mapping work that we did with CSBA allowed us to:

  • Identify specific gaps in our processes, and the areas where we were falling short.
  • Pinpoint specific customer pain points.
  • Confirm the hypothesis we had as a business and inform our decision making.
  • Ensure that our new processes met the needs of the customer.

Understanding the pain points

Through the Journey Mapping process, we were able to identify specific pain points for the customer. We then used qualitative research to truly understand how the customer felt and how it impacted their experience and overall view of Hunter Water.

The insight and understanding needed to implement meaningful change

This knowledge and understanding not only confirmed our suspicions, but contextualised them. It informed and validated our proposed approach and bigger picture strategy. And, it provided the evidence needed to gain support at all levels of the business’.

‘Our Journey Mapping was used to inform the development of our Customer Strategy and approach. The results speak for themselves’.

Doug LucasProgram Manager Customer Strategy

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