Local Government

Syndicated Research Programs

Through our syndicated Voice of the Customer and Customer Experience Benchmarking Programs, CSBA is helping local governments across the country provide their community with better experiences.

Working hand-in-hand with Local Governments

Working closely with metro and regional local governments across Australia has brought us an in-depth and intimate understanding of the challenges councils face when it comes to customer experience.

Over the years, these many different relationships have allowed us to bring councils together and design syndicated research programs that allow local government to:

UNDERSTAND the customer journey, identify pain-points and remedy them
MEASURE the value the council delivers to the community and track shifts year on year
IDENTIFY specific areas where change and investment is needed and adapt as needed
COMPARE your performance to other local governments and see how you’re really performing

Best practice, syndicated research programs
– designed by local government, for local government

Dozens of local governments across the country participate in CSBA’s syndicated research programs. Why? Because they deliver the data, insights and understanding they need to do better and be better for their customers.

Customer Experience

Benchmarking Program (LG CXB)

LG CXB is a bi-annual research program designed to provide local governments with an in-depth understanding of the customer experience. It explores:

  • the overall customer journey
  • key satisfaction measures
  • overall organisational performance
  • departmental performance.

Fieldwork is conducted in March and October each year using both:

telephone interviews

email surveys

Voice of the Customer

Program (LG VOC)

LG VOC is an ongoing post-contact customer feedback and satisfaction survey program, providing councils with valuable insight into the customer experience, from the eyes of the customer. The survey question explore:

  • overall customer satisfaction
  • departmental performance
  • specific themes or trends – eg. COVID-19 response.

Fieldwork is ongoing and constant, with participants deciding how and when to invite customers to complete a web-based post-contact survey.

online survey – sent via SMS or email

Join councils from across the country

Dozens of Australian councils choose to participate in our independent, best-practice, syndicated research programs, including:

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