Customer experience training for

Team leaders and managers

Consultative service training that provides Team Leaders and Managers with the skills, tools and strategies they need to help their teams create better customers experiences.

The knowledge and tools required to embed
best practice CX techniques in your team

Designed specifically to meet the needs of Contact Centre Team Leaders and Managers, CSBA’s consultative service training workshops provide the perfect balance of theory and practice. Not only teaching you about the fundamentals of consultative service, but also how to embed the approach in your team.

Consultative service fundamentals

Full Day | Up to 10 participants

Over the course of a day, Team Leaders and Managers will explore and learn the fundamental principles of consultative service and how to embed consultative service behaviours in their own teams.

After completing the workshop, participants walk away:

  • Consultative service champions – understanding the principles, behaviours and techniques that underpin the approach.
  • Better equipped to mentor and coach team members in the consultative servicing methodology.
  • Ready to build their own consultative team training kits.

Delivered in an engaging and interactive manner, the workshop includes group discussions and activities, individual learning activities and applied practice activities.

Train the trainer

Full Day | 2 x 2 hour calibration sessions | Up to 10 participants

In this highly practical and interactive course, Team Leaders and Managers will learn the art of training and professional development – walking away with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively train agents and frontline staff, including how to:

  • Facilitate engaging training sessions.
  • Appeal and cater to different learning styles.
  • Use training resource to enhance learning experiences.
  • Effectively answer and field questions – including the challenging ones.
  • Embed consultative servicing principles within existing induction and training programs.

The training is delivered through an interactive full-day workshop, followed by two 2 hour calibration sessions (one week, and two weeks after the initial workshop) – designed to not just teach the material, but also solidify the learnings.

Coaching and feedback skills

Full Day | Up to 15 participants

This training program provides Team Leaders and Managers with the skills and techniques needed to effectively coach and provide feedback to their teams, and implement a continuous development cycle. Over the course of the day, participants learn:

  • The continuous development cycle
    – measure, feedback, develop, coach, measure again…
  • The role feedback and coaching
    – how they differ and how to be effective at both.
  • The ABOOST feedback framework
    – Actionable, Balanced, Objective, Observed, Specific and Timely feedback.
  • Specific strategies and techniques for engaging and empowering staff.
  • What language to use (and what language not to use).
  • Techniques for engaging and maintaining interest.
  • How to address and manage barriers, resistance and challenging learners.

Delivered in an engaging and interactive manner, the workshop includes group discussions and activities, individual learning activities, applied practice activities and how to build your own coaching toolkit.

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