Consultative sales training

Influencing and negotiation

CX training designed specifically to enhance the relationship building, influencing and negotiation skills of staff in inbound and outbound sales roles.

Driving sales through better customer experiences

Tailored specifically to meet the needs of inbound and outbound sales teams, CSBA’s Influencing and Negotiation Training gives participants the knowledge and skills needed to create a great experience for the customer, and generate better sales outcomes.

Influencing and negotiation

Full Day | Up to 15 participants

Over the course of the day, participants learn how to nurture relationships and create great experiences – using best practice CX techniques and tactics. With a focus on improving influencing and negotiation skills, the course provides participants with an understanding of:

  • the changing nature of internal and external customer expectations.
  • how they influence people and their natural influencing style.
  • the different influencing and negotiation techniques and when to use them.

Through a variety of different group discussions and activities, individual learning activities and applied practice activities, the course content provides participants with:

  • A clear framework for understanding different negotiating styles
  • A checklist to use when planning a negotiation
  • Techniques for ‘bouncing back’ after failed negotiations
  • The opportunity to build their own customised toolkit to take away and use when interacting with customers, giving them ownership over how they conduct themselves in everyday work interactions.
  • The knowledge needed to apply these skills and techniques to different scenarios in everyday interactions.

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