Customer experience training for

Agents and frontline staff

Hands-on, interactive training workshops that help agents and frontline staff master best practice CX tactics and techniques.

Embed best practice CX techniques in your team

At the core of CSBA’s training for agents and frontline staff are four intensive training workshops – each designed to teach your team the fundamentals of consultative service.

Each half-day workshop is tailored to your specific needs and can be conducted as a stand-alone training session or a series of training modules, for up to 15 participants.

Fundamentals of service excellence

Half Day | Up to 20 participants

Squarely focused on providing a framework for managing the customer, the process and themselves, the Fundamentals of Service Excellence builds your teams understanding of:

  • Best practice communication styles and how to use them.
  • Identifying different types of customer cues.
  • Demonstrating understanding and empathy.
  • Using positive language to shape the experience.

With a variety of practical and interactive learning activities, your team not only learns the theory, but also how they can apply these concepts to everyday customer interactions.

Exceptional customer experiences

Half Day | Up to 20 participants

Give your agents and frontline staff the framework and tools needed to provide customers with an exceptional experience – every time. Using a world-class, consultative service model, this training module teaches your team to:

  • Focus interactions on the things that are important to customers.
  • Satisfy the key customer drivers of Success, Ease and Sentiment.
  • Apply a consultative framework to all interactions.

Through practical and targeted real life scenarios, based on your customer’s needs, your team learns how to apply best practice behaviours, phrases, techniques and questions and embed the framework into everyday interactions.

Effective questioning techniques

Half Day | Up to 20 participants

Designed to enhance your agent’s and frontline staff’s consultative service skills, the Effective Questioning Techniques training hones in on the practical skills, techniques and tactics required to meet customer needs and achieve first contact resolution.

Through customised and practical learning activities your team will learn :

  • How and why we need to listen first, then ask.
  • Different questioning techniques (open, closed, clarifying, information gathering, drill-down and ‘magic wand’).
  • When and how to use different questioning techniques to achieve the best outcome for the customer.

Managing difficult customers

Half Day | Up to 20 participants

Satisfying difficult customers is one of the most challenging aspects of a customer service professionals job. Through this training workshop your agents and frontline staff will learn:

  • The traits of productive customer interactions
    including avoiding ‘fire starter’ language and how not to ‘take the bait’.
  • How to manage their own response to difficult situations
    by helping them identify their natural approach to managing stress
  • How to apply a practical framework for managing difficult customers
    – Engage > Listen > Empathise > Fix it > Follow up.

Many of our clients choose to implement these as a four-stage development program over a few weeks or months, while others prefer to tackle a specific need, challenge or developmental area through a one-off workshop.

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