To win hearts and minds organisations have to provide customers with great experiences. Focussing only on ease isn’t enough. Loyalty is an emotional response and requires an emotional connection to establish and maintain.


10,500+ independent CX assessments of 168 Australian businesses and organisations

Over the last three years, CSBA has independently assessed and tracked the customer experience delivered by Australian businesses and organisations. This year we performed over 10,500 independent telephone assessments of 168 different businesses. Assessments used the highly regarded SenseCX Quality Assurance framework to measure overall experience based on Success, Ease and Sentiment.

Customer experiences aren’t improving

In the first two years of SenseCX assessments, we saw improvements overall. But, over the last 12 months, scores have remained relatively stable. Paul Van Veenendaal, CSBA Managing Director explained that ‘while some organisations, like The University of Western Australia have improved considerably, there are a number of businesses and sectors where overall scores have stagnated, particularly in measures relating to Sentiment scores’.

‘The data suggests that we’re seeing an overall trend where organisations are prioritising Ease and Success. The exception to this is in the Education sector, where Sentiment scores improved. In the Government and Commercial sectors, particularly, we have seen a spike in Success scores, but is it at the expense of the all-important of emotional connection with customers?’

The Education sector continues to be the highest performing sector and has been joined by the Automotive sector which has achieved a 2% improvement, as has Communications. All other sectors have remained stagnant or declined.

Success, Ease and Sentiment are all essential for building customer loyalty

Much has been written about the role of emotion in effective customer experiences over the last few years. Many have argued that when it comes to the crunch, Sentiment is more important than Ease and Success. At CSBA we promote the importance of all three – experiences have to be easy, they need to be successful and they should leave the customer feeling good about the interaction and the brand.

Cross-sector performance

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