The COVID–19 crisis has changed the way we live and work. Naturally the focus of all of our teams has been on adopting and adapting to new processes and systems. But remember, at times like these it’s often human-to-human connections that matter most – for customers and staff.


Every six months we release the SenseCX Top 5 performers. While the landscape we’re operating in today is very different, we felt it was important to make this announcement, as we normally would – to allow each and every member of the teams who have worked so hard and done so well, to celebrate their success.

Look after your team, so they can look after your customers

Right now, top performing organisations are recognising that now is a time where their people need each other. They’re helping dispersed teams stay connected through systems (knowledge banks, CRMs) and they’re keeping the lines of communication open for information sharing amongst the team.

Maintaining the social interactions that are a common characteristic of most workplaces, through message boards and chat channels specifically set aside for social discourse, will help your team feel more connected. Regular contact with individuals to provide feedback on the quality of their work is crucial for helping your team members maintain a sense of continuity in their role. Many will feel isolated from that support, particularly if it’s their first experience working from home.

Maintaining focus on quality and positive experiences is not only good for your customers – it’s good for your team

Encouraging agents to personalise each customer interaction and providing the time to genuinely connect with people, will benefit both your customers and your team. Now, more than ever, we must tune into the uniqueness of each customer’s situation and be responsive to the situational and emotional cues they exhibit – particularly as more people become vulnerable to the economic effects of the lockdown.

Cross-sector performance

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Sector by sector performance and SenseCX top 5

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