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CSBA is proud to be associated with helping these businesses to become customer centric – improving their service delivery through tailored programs.

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Case Studies

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CSBA has over 18 years experience in customer service assessment and conduct customer service assessments for over 250 organisations, across 15 industry sectors on a weekly basis. Case studies of some of these programs are detailed below.

  • Tourism and Travel Operator - Build sales ability in an established service centre
  • Global Travel Agent – Offshore Contact Centre
  • Publicly Listed Health Products and Services Company - Build loyalty through redesign of customer service frontline
  • South Australian Local Government - Common Measurement Tool Initiative
  • Financial Institution - Contact Centre Review
  • Victorian Council - Customer Focus Strategy
  • WA University - Customer Centric Culture
  • Group of Eight University (1) - Operating practice for centralised contact centre
  • Group of Eight University (2) - Establishing a customer focused culture
  • Group of Eight University (3) - Education services reporting framework
  • Respite Support - contact centre review
  • Local Government (1) - Equip frontline customer service staff
  • Local Government (2) - Enhance frontline performance
  • Local Government (3) - Deliver an enterprise-wide service excellence program
  • Local Government (4) - Develop service standards and protocols
  • National Car Dealership - Deliver research based training

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Current Newsletter

Not so long ago, measuring customer experience (CX) was much easier. Service satisfaction was all about time; connect time, call duration and giving customers answers as quickly as possible. 

But the landscape has changed. Big time.

Customers' expectations are rising exponentially; they want their query resolved the best way, not just the fastest way. They want it to be easy; they want it to be consultative.  They want to be treated like an individual.  Our Customers expect the best from us. They’ve challenged us to look for a more contemporary approach to training and assessing the Multi Channel Customer Experience of today.

Seems like a reasonable enough request, but how can your business most efficiently deliver on these expectations?

Introducing the remarkable SenseCX

SenseCX is a CX measurement system designed to culturally embed how your customers truly want to be serviced. The proprietary system provides ready access to insights for improved interactions that lead to better customer satisfaction, unwavering loyalty and enduring market differentiation.

The result of over 12 months’ development, involving field testing by a panel of 600+ Australians, SenseCX delivers a consistent approach to resolving customer queries. The system gives your service (and sales) teams tools to enrich exchanges with customers, and ultimately fulfil their servicing needs.

SenseCX allows you directly access results through a robust reporting platform, and to quickly convert challenges to action plans.

Key features include:

  • over 30 agent behaviour measurements in each service interaction, with subtle variations across each channel;
  • tangible observations that clearly indicate what can be celebrated and what needs improvement;
  • rapidly available dashboards and reports with as much detail as you need;
  • customisation to add, delete or alter criteria to suit specific customer environments;
  • internal benchmarking across teams, enquiry types or service channels(phone, email, face to face, social platforms); and
  • external benchmarking against a wide variety of sectors.

Let’s get started...

We’re champing at the bit to get you on the path to first-rate customer servicing across all channels.

Contact us today on 03 9605 4900 or info@csba.com.au for a no-obligation demonstration of SenseCX.


CSBA presented the much coveted award for ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ to La Trobe University at the annual ATEM ( Association for Tertiary Education Management) Student Service Centre Conference held in Sydney  at the end of May.
Each participating institution was contacted by mystery shoppers via telephone and email from February through to March and simple questions were asked to determine how effectively the institution met its callers’ needs. Calls were rated using different criteria that reflect the service quality of each call. The results were then collated and the winners revealed. This year's awards were divided into, Best Australian University, Best TAFE and Best New Zealand University.

The winners were:

Best Australian University and Overall Winner – La Trobe University
Best TAFE – Holmesglen
Best New Zealand University – University of Waikato

CSBA is a proud sponsor of the ATEM SSC Conference and the theme of this years event was "Tailoring the Student Experience" 
Keynote speakers at the conference provided a broad range of perspectives about where customer experience is heading. While there might be some divergence in terms of the best way of addressing issues and challenges, there is alignment on the fact that CX is and will remain a significant priority. CSBA presented a paper that outlined our research findings into the role sentiment, consultation and personalisation is playing in the customer satisfaction results across all industries. We revealed the important competencies and attributes needed in the Customer Service professional of today and how they vary from the needs of prior eras.

Image: Caitlyn Arena and Elizabeth Gallagher representing Latrobe University with CSBA's Director of Research, Education, Brian Irvine.

Employee experience…is about so much more than remuneration

"This doughnut went KEBAM in my mouth" - not something I hear very often in my work as a customer experience consultant. Don’t get me wrong, product quality and innovation is a huge part of the customer experience, but in my company we spend our time with sectors that are customers of the doughnut industry and not competitors in it.  No - on this “work day” I was enjoying my most coveted benefit: my day of birthday leave.



On this rarest of days, I met my sister in the city and collected my nephew who was only days away from his fifth birthday. Together he and I shared a memorable collection of moments that included not only said “Kebam worthy” doughnut – it also featured rainbow coloured stuffed teddies, a gleeful chance encounter with R2D2 and C-3P0, countless nibbles, tickles and giggles we will struggle to ever recreate. I am so grateful I could have that time with my little man (and a grown-up lunch with my sister and brother in law too).  Reflecting on it now, my joy was magnified by the generosity of the gesture from my company.  In short - that day meant more to me, in that it was a gift, than almost any other gesture the company has made to me in my short tenure.

I have long advocated that recognising the individual, the human element to an employee, is the bedrock upon which relationships, dependency and trust can be built.  I know I am aiming higher this week, I feel more connected, more valued, more loyal then I did last week. I can’t explain it, but I just do.

I didn’t only spend time with my family, I also managed to achieve some other life “administrivia”. I sorted out the roster for the remaining 12 weeks of the footy season, painstakingly allocating oranges, umpire escort, boundary and runner tasks to other stoic parents of my son’s football team. I made a banana cake to get rid of the sad looking bananas out of the fruit bowl before my anti-waste husband could chide the kids for them refusing to eat the imperfect fruit. I dropped off four bags of unwanted goods to the goodwill bin (at last, those once loved but never likely to fit again outfits are elsewhere), raked the leaves and endless other pieces of minutia that I could bring forward from Saturday to Friday, to make room on Saturday for other things.

I love that my company makes room in my life for life.  Not only through the provision of birthday leave, there is always the flexibility to duck to the dentist, attend a sports carnival, leave early to attend school council meetings, arrive late after an exam, but boy – that day of birthday leave will rate highly in my New Year’s Eve highlights reel.

Written by Michelle O'Donoghue, Director of CX at CSBA.

If you would like assistance in measuring your employee engagement via CSBA's Voice of The Employee Program, contact us for more information 03 9605 4900 or info@csba.com.au

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9. TAFE Riverina
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If you are assessing or reviewing your customer service to monitor and improve performance, CSBA's SenseCX customer service benchmarking assessment can provide an independent validation of your internal assessment of the customer experience as well as benchmarking you against other organistations and sectors. It generates specific, objective feedback you can use to reward and reinforce great performance as well as practical insights you can implement to improve the customer experience. Enrolments are open now to commence from 01 July 2017, so if your team could benefit from external feedback, contact CSBA to find out.


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