September 2015

Are Sales the new Service?

It  is bantered about in business circles and forums, seminars and professional development sessions and yet so few seem to understand the mechanics of Consultative Needs Based Sales and how it works to enable a higher conversion rate and increased sales performance.

Essentially the idea behind needs based sales is that we should ask questions to understand the customer’s needs and then offer them the product or service that best suits. Needs based sales are seen by many organisations as a mechanism to offer the right product to the customer and therefore increase their likelihood to buy.To understand effective needs based sales it is crucial to know that Customer Experience has two key ingredients, the physical and the emotional. The physical is the product, its features and the price. The emotional are the motivators and drivers that influence the customer to want the product and the benefits or assurances they may derive from using it.Many businesses overlook the emotional needs and drivers of the customer within the sales process and still believe they are using a needs based sales process. This then leaves only the features and price to compete with and in a highly commoditised market can leave little to differentiate on. Price is certainly a key consideration for any customer; however trust and peace of mind are even more intrinsic to influencing a buying decision. As the old saying goes ‘we buy from people we like and trust’.Engaging the customer in an open conversation that allows them to express their situation, aspirations and feelings sends a powerful message that your organisation is customer focused. Even when it is not required to win the customer’s business, if you convey a genuine interest in understanding the customer's emotional needs you create a bond that supplants your product and its price which may be the first step towards creating long-term relationships and loyal advocates.Many organisations are now discovering this approach can be applied to both sales and service interactions with significant returns on investment; increased efficiency, customer advocacy and retention. So the big question is Sales the new Service?

CSBA has been engaged to implement Consultative Needs Based Sales models across sales and service functions for a range of clients across a multitude of Industries. The return on investment has seen many clients realising significant increases in Sales, Customer Advocacy and Staff Satisfaction.

For further information on implementation of a Consultative Needs based Sales or Service model within your organisation you can contact Tremayne Murphy 0450 281 008.

The CSBA Index

QUARTER 4, 2014-15

Top 10 Customer Service Performers


1. Budget Direct
1. North Coast TAFE
3. Launceston City Council
4. GWM Water
Wannon Water
6. Southern Rural Water
7. City of Yarra
Rural City of Wangaratta
9. North East Water
Chrurches of Christ Care



Top Performers by Industry

1. Insurance Budget Direct
2. Local Government Shire of Kalamunda
3. Water GWM Water
4. Superannuation Hostplus
5. Aid Organisations Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia
6. Housing Services Churches of Christ Care
7. Tenancy Services Residential Tenancy Authority QLD
8. TAFE North Coast TAFE
9. Universities University of Adelaide
10. Energy Actew AGL Energy
11. Motor Manufacturing Holden
12. Banks - Loans NAB Home Loans
13. Banks - General ANZ


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