September 2009

It's All About Performance

We help improve our clients’ performance every day. By focusing your organisation on your customers and their needs, your customer satisfaction and loyalty will increase, providing cost savings and increased revenue. Increased performance means increased satisfaction.

We maintain a strong customer focus within our own organisation, so that we can provide you with the best service. In order to maintain our high standards we have recently expanded our teamwith four new staff: Vipin - Reporting Manager, Julian - Data Analyst, and Simren and Janina - Trainee Project Officers.
If you’d like to know how well you’re performing, call us on 1800 358 081.

Paul van Veenendaal

We want to be a Customer Centric organisation, but how do we get there?

This is a question often asked when organisations see the necessity of being organised around customer needs, rather than the historic way they have evolved, which tends to be around processes.

If management asks you how well your IVR performs, what can you say?

By Barry Daniel, Principal Consultant, Barry Daniel & Associates
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are generally wonderfully reliable, chugging away processing huge volumes of routine transactions in call centre related environments.
But how do you know whether your IVR performs really well?

  1. University of    Queensland
  2. University of Adelaide
  3. Flinders University
  4. Coliban Water
  5. Plan Australia
  6. University of New South Wales
  7. ActewAGL Retail
  8. OXFAM
  9. Sydney Water Waterfix
  10. University of Western Sydney