November 2012

This edition of the newsletter features:

  • The impact of customer satisfaction on CEO bonuses.
  • CSBA Complaints whitepaper update.
  • Congratulations to all the CSBA customers that have recently won awards in the ATA, ICSP and CSIA awards.
  • CSBA Consulting staff profile: Janine Mitchell

Paul van Veenendaal

The impact of customer satisfaction on CEO bonuses

Don O’Sullivan is the Associate Professor of Marketing at the Melbourne Business School. In a recent study he shows that in the US, customer satisfaction is a significant determinant of CEO bonuses. Findings demonstrate that the success of CEO’s in managing customer satisfaction has a direct, personal, and economic impact in the form of their annual bonus awards.

Complaints whitepaper update

In 2007 CSBA provided a well received whitepaper on the state of complaint management in Australia. I am pleased to say that we have now been able to update the whitepaper and some interesting facts are:

  1. Not taking customer complaints seriously and not having a strategy to address complaints has a considerable negative effect on business, as customers whose complaints are not addressed take their business elsewhere and generate negative word of mouth referral.

Congratulations to all our customers who have recently won awards!

Congratulations to all our customers that have recently won awards in the ATA and CSIA award ceremonies that have occurred in the last couple of months. Well Done.

CSBA Consulting staff profile: Janine Mitchell

Helping organisations engage their staff to provide excellent customer service 

Janine is an accomplished customer contact professional who has been responsible for developing the operations of some of Australia’s best known and loved brands.

Over the last 15 years Janine has been a senior manager, coach and trainer in various industries including, travel, telecommunications, retail, outsourcing and health insurance.

As a senior manager, Janine was responsible for a team of 120 staff who won a range of ATA awards.  She was a part of the team that won Hewitt’s Best Employer for three consecutive years.

A passionate people person, Janine believes developing staff is fundamental to the success of achieving customer service excellence.

“I just wanted to give you feedback that the service commitment workshops facilitated by Janine Mitchell were very well received by participants.
I’ve had positive unsolicited comment on how worthwhile it was and how much they enjoyed working with Janine. Thanks for recommending Janine and assisting us in the next steps in our customer service development.”

Teresa Tjia, Director, Student Administration and Deputy Academic RegistrarUniversity of Melbourne

Top 10 Customer Service Providers this Quarter

1 Liverpool City Council
2 Rural City of Murray Bridge
4 Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency
4 Rural City of Wangaratta
6 Gympie Regional Council
7 Save the Children Australia
7 Budget Direct
7 Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water
7 Southern Rural Water