November 2011

The more I see of what is happening in service-related businesses, the more I am convinced that the next wave of CEOs will have cut their management teeth in the frontline service environment.

Here are seven reasons why this background will provide the best pedigree for our next business leaders.
Paul van Veenendaal

Best Tertiary Institution Customer Service Award at ATEM 2011

Won by University of Wollongong – Faculty of Commerce

Customer Service Benchmarking Australia (CSBA) presented the much coveted award for Excellence in Telephone Customer Service to the University of Wollongong – Faculty of Commerce, at the 2011 ATEM conference held in Cairns.

The focus of the Conference was “who our customers are and what they want from us”.  The conference not only focused on the needs of the students but also the needs of the contact centres.

As part of the Service Expectation focus, CSBA assessed over 28 Institutions using the unique CSBA customer service model. CSBA research found that several of the institutions surveyed were severely under resourced.

Find out how Customer Complaints canImprove your Business

CSBA has been measuring compliant handling skills for over 10 years.  Now, with support from SOCAP Australia, we are offering you the opportunity to discover how your compliant handling skills compare to your competitors.

CSBA Complaints Benchmarking Program

Benchmarking establishes best practice standards across industries to enable businesses to keep pace with their competitors. Your customers are also customers of other organisations and will assess your performance by comparing the service you deliver compared to your competitors.

Complaint Management Master Class Facilitated by Robyn Reilly

Participants in the program will also be invited to join us in a master class, facilitated by CSBA’s Director of Business Improvement, Robyn Reilly.