November 2009

From the Director

Every day customers are calling your contact centre and assessing the service experience. They’re also being approached by your competitors, offering a better deal. Chances are they will also check out your offering prior to making a change.

How well your company performs on this touch point is critical to reducing customer churn. Getting an external and independent assessment of your company’s selling experience is the only real way to see if you are matching the best companies in providing a great selling experience.

CSBA has been assessing the customer service of over 150 clients for over 10 years. If you would like to find out how we can help you, please call us on 1800 358 081.
Paul van Veenendaal

Balanced scorecards for Customer Service provide the right ingredients for successful companies.

Too many times we see Grade of Service (% of calls answered in 30 seconds) as a leading measure of Customer Service. This is an incredibly misleading indicator of and rarely has any link to the provision of great customer service. In fact it can do the exact opposite and force agents to provide poor service in order to get to the next call faster.

So what is a balanced scorecard for Customer Service?

Economical. Comparable. Effective.

If you are a member of an industry association, CSBA is able to provide an economical way to find out your company's Net Promoter Score, why your customers gave you the rating they did, and how your score compares to that of other members of your association.

Participants can share their individual information if they wish or remain anonymous, but everyone learns how their overall association performs and their relative place in it.


1 Plan Australia
2 Coliban Water
3 University of Adelaide
4 University of Western Sydney
5 Wannon Water
6 GWMWater
7 Shire of Kalamunda
8 Mildura Rural City Council
9 ActewAGL Retail
10 Flinders University