Mid-Year Update 2013

New Financial Year, New Commitment to Higher Value Customer Service

From the Managing Director - July 2013

I have recently been speaking with a number of CEOs and Senior Managers about maximising the value of their organisations’ customer service research in order to drive business improvement.  When I asked them to explain what ‘value’ was for them, they were pretty clear that they want to learn from their customers how to deliver more efficient processes (i.e. improve self service, whilst maintaining high satisfaction levels) and minimise customers going elsewhere.

Here are 5 things that will help organisations achieve more value from their customer research:

  1. Be clear on the purpose and objective of the customer research, and why you are doing the research.
  2. Spend time with frontline staff to hear firsthand the customer service issues and opportunities.
  3. Create a sense of urgency when implementing recommended improvements from research programs. You would be amazed how quickly the next survey comes around and nothing has been done as a result!
  4. Work with your research partner to refine your questionnaires and methodologies to best reflect the measures that really matter to your customers and impact the customer experience.
  5. Talk to your industry peers to hear what they are doing.  Industry groups (like FEAL and LGMA) have done a lot in recent years to build great knowledge and benchmarking.

Yours sincerely,

Paul van Veenendaal
Managing Director 

Top 10 Customer Service Providers this Quarter - CSBA

1 University of Western Sydney
2 Budget Direct
3 University of Queensland
4 Gladstone Regional Council
5 City of Fremantle
6 Care Australia
8 GWM Water
9 Monash University
University of the Sunshine Coast
Southern Rural Water
10 Surf Coast Shire Council
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