May 2012

In this edition we continue to look at the real drivers of phone based customer satisfaction and the importance of customer service dashboards to your business.
Paul van Veenendaal

Update on the Real Drivers of Phone Based Customer Satisfaction

Previously, in discussing Agent Skills, I have referred to First Call Resolution and Product Knowledge.

"South West is the Best"

South West Institute of Tafe wins the CSBA 2012 Award for "Excellence in Telephone Customer Service"

Customer Service Benchmarking Australia (CSBA) presented the much coveted for Excellence in Telephone Customer Service to the South West Institute of Tafe at the 2012 ATEM SSCC conference held in Brisbane.

Building Customer Service 'Dashboards' the Deliver Results

Simply put, a customer service dashboard can get a real focus on your business.

Superannuation Benchmarking Program Delivers 86% Increase in NPS

Top 10 Customer Service Providers this Quarter

1 University of the Sunshine Coast
3 Provident Capital
4 Frankston City Council
5 City of Greater Geelong
5 Gold Coast City Council
5 University of Western Sydney
8 Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia
8 Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency
8 Monash University