May 2009

Charity Organisations Show the Way

There are no simple solutions to explain why some industries and some companies deliver exceptional customer service and others consistently fail in this important area.

In our latest quarterly survey Customer Service Benchmarking Australia (CSBA) made over four thousand telephone calls to companies in fifteen industry groups throughout the nation.

The best performing industry in terms of overall customer service was the sector comprising Aid Organisations. Within that sector Plan Australia was the best-performing of those surveyed.

One could argue that it is because these organisations are relatively small (as is the sector) and likely to be hit by people stopping donating in times of financial crisis that they simply have to do their very best in terms of performance.

At the other end of the performance scale in the same survey were the Telco and Airline sectors. Both sectors are traditionally dominated by large, complex organisations that clearly do not deliver high levels of customer service.

One strategy in hard economic times appears to be to offer discounts rather than customer service: CSBA argues that delivery of both would be more effective.

For more information about how to understand, measure and improve your customer service call CSBA on 03 9605 4900.

Kind regards,
Paul van Veenendaal
Managing Director


At the annual ATEM conference in Perth the University of Western Sydney has won the much coveted prize for Excellence in Telephone Customer Service. The award is presented annually by Customer Service Benchmarking Australia.

Quarterly Benchmarking

CSBA measures the level of customer service delivered by customer service agents at major organisations across Australia.

Each Quarter CSBA’s team of trained mystery shoppers make more than 4,000 telephone calls to over 150 companies. The agents are asked a general question about the company’s product or service, and then,using CSBA’s unique model,given a rating based on their customer service delivery. This model has been built up over 12 years of analysis and research.

These customer service agents are usually the first point of contact for current and potential customers to most businesses.

The importance of that first point of contact cannot be exaggerated. Positive or negative, the first impression endures for a long time.

Top Ten
Customer Service
Providers for this Quarter

  1. University of Western Sydney
  2. GWM Water
  3. Sydney Water WaterFix
  4. Gippsland Water
  5. Aurora Energy Business
  6. AAMI
  7. ActewAGL Retail
  8. Flinders University
  9. Wannon Water
  10. Plan Australia

Q3 Industry Rankings

  1. Aid Industry
  2. Water Tertiary
  3. Education
  4. Local Government
  5. Insurance
  6. Electricity
  7. Managed Funds
  8. Banks General
  9. Parcel Delivery
  10. Gas
  11. RSPCA
  12. Internet Service Providers
  13. Banks - Home Loans
  14. Airlines
  15. Telcos