February 2012

In our previous newsletter I listed the five major drivers of customer service and discussed the importance of first call resolution. The most important contributor to achieving high levels of first call resolution is Agent product knowledge.

Calls can be quickly and effectively resolved only if the Agent has a comprehensive and up-to-date command of the organisation's products and services.

Without that knowledge, the caller will be transferred, put on hold, or given incorrect or incomplete information... all of which undermine efficiency, costs and the confidence of the caller in the organisation.
Paul van Veenendaal

Hardship Update

Hardship calls are an important part of Contact Centre work in many industries.  CSBA has been involved in monitoring hardship calls in the Utility Industry for some years. We compare how well Agents handle hardship calls compared with the overall volume of call traffic. Some Companies excel; many do not.

CSBA's Committment to Building a Better Range of Services

2012 is going to be an important year for CSBA.  Recent growth in our business has seen the need to expand our capacity in terms of people and technology.

Top 10 Customer Service Providers this Quarter

1 Gannawarra Shire Council
2 City of Casey
3 City of Greater Geelong
4 University of Melbourne
5 Moorabool Shire Council
6 Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia
7 Budget Direct
8 Mildura Rural City Council
9 Wannon Water
8 City of Yarra