February 2011

From the Managing Director

All of us at CSBA send our best wishes to those involved in the recovery from the recent devastating natural disasters.

Paul van Veenendaal

As 2011 gets into full swing and many companies think about what they can do better this year, a key area of attention is what you should be doing to provide great customer service.

Over the last couple of months, CSBA has been working with clients on a number of very intensive projects around customer experience.

This involves first, getting absolute clarity on the type of experience the customer wants from the organisation, and second, building the measurements that reflect the ‘right’ behaviour required to deliver that experience – every time.

More and more, what customers really want from organisations is that they are easy to do business with.

CSBA and DiMETRO introduce turnkey Call Quality Assurance Program

  • How do you get a call recording program up and running with a minimum of fuss?
  • Are you sick of those endless battles with Finance and IT?
  • What about those hours spent in endless QA criteria meeting!
Over the last couple of years, CSBA has been approached by many customers wanting to leverage our experience in benchmarking performance to assist with developing and implementing an internal quality monitoring system. It all gets too hard when they realise the cost of the technology and the hoops they have to jump through to deploy it.

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with an Australian company, DiMETRO, to provide a turnkey solution that can be implemented within weeks.

DiMETRO is the fastest growing Total Performance Management solution in the Australian market and has provided solutions to many well-known organisations.

The solution provides instant feedback and excellent mentoring tools to really improve the customer experience.

CSBA is happy to provide a free 10 call assessment and demonstration.

Please call Paul on 1800 358 081 to discuss.

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