February 2010

From the Director

Quality Assurance Programs can make or break the customer experience and your business

Organisations that continually deliver a great customer experience do so because they set very clear expectations of the service experience they wish to provide to their customers. They then work hard to ensure that every member of their team delivers this consistently.

One way to have consistent customer experience is through a well structured Quality Assurance Program. Over the years we’ve seen a range of QA programs, some that have worked well and others that have failed. We now have a fantastic knowledge base of Customer Experience QA. From this knowledge base we’ve identified the key success factors for developing and implementing such a program.

Paul van Veenendaal

One of the most important skills required in running an effective customer service team or department is a team's ability to turn a difficult issue into a positive experience.

In this Workshop, Robyn Reilly and Allison Collier will provide an effective framework for understanding and dealing with difficult issues in a way that maximises the experience for customers and staff.

The Workshop will ensure that you:

  • Understand the two types of customer complaints
  • Understand the very different approach customers expect for each type of complaint
  • Implement simple tools and strategies to meet customer expectations
  • Develop techniques to deliver customer satisfaction and business expectations

CSBA welcomes our new Business Development Manager

Becky Hargrove joined CSBA as our Business Development Manager after spending 10 years working within the automotive consultancy industry, both in the UK and Australia.

With a strong background in IT operations and helpdesk management, Becky most recently managed the accounts, sales and business development of an online media portal, data services and bespoke IT solutions.

At CSBA, Becky is responsible for developing Customer Service Improvement programs within the education, local government and automotive sectors. Highly experienced in establishing long term business partnerships, Becky is a consultative and proactive business partner who is committed to working with clients to help them understand, measure and improve customer service within their organisation.

Best Telephone Service Providers for Quarter 2

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Banks – General

Aurora Energy – Business

Insurance Companies
Budget Direct

Internet Service Providers

Local Government
Mildura Rural City Council

Managed Funds
BT Funds Management

Parcel Delivery

Telstra Mobile

Tertiary Education
The University of Adelaide

Wannon Water

Customer Service
Benchmarking Australia