December 2014

A New Identity for CSBA

The last few years have seen much change as companies aim to become more customer centric.

At CSBA, we have made significant investments in our people, processes and technology to strengthen our offering and continually seek customer feedback as part of our own journey to improve and understand best practice, so we can in turn deliver maximum value to our customers.

As the new year approaches, we are excited to introduce our new logo and corporate rebranding which reflects CSBA’s credentials as the customer service improvement specialists. The logo concept represents Customer Service as the building blocks of successful businesses and the colour transition is representative of CSBA’s purpose which is to help transition our clients business toward a more efficient, vibrant, customer centric organisation. Please take the time to look at our new website and feel free to give us your feedback. I think the team have done a great job and I really hope you like our new look.

I would also like to thank our customers for their support over the year. CSBA will be closed for the holiday period from close of business Tuesday 23 December and reopening on Monday 6 January 2015.

Wishing you and your families a safe and happy festive season,

Paul van Veenendaal
Managing Director

The CSBA Index


Top Customer Service Performers

2. Gladstone Regional Council
3. Wannon Water
4. Southern Rural Water
5. Surf Coast Shire Council
6. Argyle Community Housing
Parramatta City Council
GWM Water
9. Budget Direct
City of Monash
Shire of Kalamunda

Top performers by industry

1. Aid Care Australia
2. Banks - General NAB
3. Banks - Loans NAB
4. Energy Actew AGL
5. Housing Providers Argyle Community Housing
6. Insurance AAMI
7. ISPs iiNet
8. Local Government Gladstone Regional Council
9. Motor Manufacturing Holden
10. Superannuation Colonial First State First Choice Super
11. TAFE New England TAFE
North Coast TAFE
12. Telco iiNet mobile
Optus mobile
13. Tenancy Authority NSW Fair Trading Tenancies
14. Universities  College of Law
15. Water  Wannon Water

Upcoming Events

To register or for more event information, please click here.

ATEM Student Service Centre Conference The program benchmarks your institutions student service against Australia’s top tertiary institutions.
Customer Service Network
Benchmarking Program
Working with some of Australia's most well-known and respected organisations to assess customer service.
2015 National Local Government Customer Satisfaction (CMT) Program A syndicated research program across all channels of customer service delivery in the local government sector.

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August 2014

The Six C's of Customer Service

We have been seeing more and more companies seeking to become a customer centric organisation. So what does this mean?  We believe it is almost impossible to separate the principle of customer-centricity without factoring in technology and corporate culture. After all, customer experience success can hardly be maintained if it’s not at the core of a company’s operating fabric.

So when we were asked how we would define a customer centric organisation we came up with the following ‘Six Cs’:

  1. Clarity. Clarity is something that every leadership team should have. Without a clearly defined purpose, strategy and message, you will find it difficult to connect to your customers – and engage your staff.
  2. Commitment. Commitment is about showing that you are willing and able to invest the time, effort, people, and financial resources to do what it takes to deliver and improve your performance – not just in the short term, but year in, year out.
  3. Connectivity. This is about working across the organisation, taking an end to end view and keeping everyone up-to-date on the progress of what everyone does every day.
  4. Capability. Making sure that people have the right skills, are given the right tools and knowledge and are trained and supported to provide great customer service.
  5. Consistency. A consistent voice is imperative across various touch points, content and channels because it defines your brand ‘voice’ and makes you more credible and trustworthy.
  6. Cohesion. This is the ‘glue’ that describes what it is like to work here, the everyday practices and the shared values that everyone understands is  really important for the company. It’s that little bit extra that helps day to day but really makes a difference in emergencies or in service recovery.

We have developed a useful checklist to help identify and plan what can be done to move your organisation to being more customer centric. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us for a chat.

The CSBA Index

March to June Quarter 2014
Top Customer Service Performers

1. Wannon Water
2. North Coast TAFE
Adelaide University
University of Western Sydney
5. GWM Water
6. Budget Direct
7. Care Australia
8. Colonial First State (Super)
9. Shire of Kalamunda
Coliban Water

Top performers by industry

Aid Organisations Care Australia
1. Banks – General NAB
2. Banks – Loans NAB
3. Energy Actew AGL
4. Housing Providers Compass Housing
5. Insurance Budget Direct
7. Local Government Shire of Kalamunda
8. Parcel Delivery DHL
9. Superannuation Colonial First State
10. TAFE North Coast TAFE
11. Telecommunications Optus – Mobile
12. Universities Adelaide University
13. Water Wannon Water
14. Wealth Building Colonial First State


Upcoming Events

To read about our upcoming events or to register attendance, please click here.

Heads of Student Administration Conference – Sydney, with Paul van Veenendaal (Managing Director, CSBA) presenting on Day 2
Training: Managing Customer Expectations in Local Government – Warrnambool
6th Annual Net Promoter Score Forum, Presented by Fund Executive Association Limited (FEAL) & CSBA – Melbourne

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May 2014

A Message from CSBA's Managing Director

The CSBA team has recently invested considerable effort into enhancing our reporting to add more value for clients through more concise and actionable reporting formats.

CSBA’s new reporting style provides our clients with key headlines on their customer service performance and clear direction on how to improve the customer service experience. If you would like to find out more about the new look reporting, please feel free to contact us.

Following strong interest from the sector at the National Housing Conference in Adelaide late last year, we have added the Housing Provider Sector to CSBA’s ongoing customer service benchmarking program. All Australian Housing Providers are welcome to participate in this program to gain independent measurement and benchmarking of customer service, and actionable recommendations for improvements.

Finally, welcome to Pier Dartnell who joins the Consultant team at CSBA. Pier has excellent skills and experience in developing and delivering successful customer service and sales change management programs in the contact centre industry. She will complement the existing team of highly skilled consultants at CSBA.

International Trends in Customer Service

Earlier this year I attended the Next Generation conference in San Diego. It was a very informative conference and gave me a great insight into the international trends in the development of customer service improvement programs.

Three highlights for me are:

  • The Focus on Employee Engagement: Just about everyone I spoke to discussed the need to get better employee engagement, ie. to get employees passionate about your business and your customers. Employees engagement will never be consistently greater than Customer Satisfaction. Some companies are really getting it right.  Ford and Disney are standouts.
  • The Range of Technology Solutions: There are a lot of companies providing the latest and greatest technology solutions.  Wonderful examples of reporting were everywhere.  However, on further discussion there is still an issue around designing quality surveys that align with business improvement.  Some of the questionnaires used were poorly designed which leads to poor information and distancing your customer. The experience that CSBA has in designing quality surveys certainly provides a competitive edge.
  • The Focus on Customer Journey Mapping: If you have not heard, there is a lot of talk about Customer Journey mapping. This is all about being very clear as to the journey your customer makes when they interact with your business. There are good examples everywhere, but companies like Amazon and Google really typify best practice in this area. CSBA has been doing a lot of Journey Mapping for a range of clients in the last year and it was good to see we are on track with this trend.

CSBA 2014 Excellence in Tertiary Telephone Customer Service Awards

Congratulations to the 2014 Award winners announced at the recent ATEM SSC Conference held in Auckland on 7–9 May, 2014.

Best University University of Canterbury
Best TAFE Kangan Institute
Best Group of 8 University
The University of Adelaide
Best Faculty The University of Adelaide, Faculty of the Professions



1 Wannon Water
2 University of Adelaide
3 North Coast TAFE
4 University of Queensland
5 Southern Rural Water
6 GWM Water
7 Gladstone Regional Council
8 City of Yarra
9 Care Australia
10 Colonial First State Super
North East Water


1 Aid Organisations: CARE Australia
2 Banks – General: ANZ
3 Banks – Loans: Commonwealth Bank Home Loans
4 Energy: Actew AGL
5 Housing: Compass Housing NSW
6 Insurance: AAMI
8 Local Government: Gladstone Regional Council
9 Motor Manufacturing: Holden & Mazda
10 Superannuation: Colonial First State Super
11 TAFE: North Coast TAFE
12 Telecommunication: Optus Mobile
13 Tenancy Authorities: QLD Residential Tenancy Authority
14 Universities: University of Adelaide
15 Water: Wannon Water

Upcoming Events

28 MAY 2014
Customer Service Training (Hobart)
5 JUNE 2014
LGMA WA & CSBA Maintaining Customer Service through Local Government Reform (Perth)
19 JUNE 2014
Customer Service Training (Rockhampton)
19 JUNE 2014
Annual Customer Service Forum (Hobart)

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