November 2013

A Message from CSBA's Managing Director

I trust it will be a good year.  This year CSBA is continuing its focus on helping companies get maximum value from their Customer Service research. I have included a couple of interesting articles this month that I think will help you put the results into actions. Happy reading!

Customer Service in Contact Centres in Australia is Improving!

CSBA has been mystery shopping contact centres in Australia for more than 10 years and regularly surveys more than 200 organisations.

We are delighted to report that Customer Service overall is improving. However, some contact centres are still unable to provide a consistently great experience.

We take our hats off to Banks and Local Government whose service has been getting better. They have been doing a better job of listening to enquiries and more often are providing a clear resolution for the customer.

Do You See Your Organisation Through Your Customers Eyes?

Most organisations have particular processes which tend to generate higher numbers of complaints, or where significant rework is created by customers calling in to check on progress or ask for updates on their situation.

Knowing what to change to have the maximum impact on both business efficiency and customer satisfaction can be challenging if you don’t have a clear picture of the experience from the customer’s point of view.
Customer Journey Mapping can help you if:

  • You have gaps in your understanding of the experience that your customers are undergoing
  • You are willing to take a fresh look at managing the customer experienceYou would like to decrease the volume of rework and complaints generated by customers with a particular process


Q2 2013-14


1 CARE Australia
2 North Coast TAFE
3 Bankwest
4 City of Monash
5 Wannon Water
6 University of Western Sydney
7 GWM Water
8 University of Queensland
9 University of the Sunshine Coast
10 University of Western Australia


1 Aid Organisations: CARE Australia
2 Airlines: Emirates
3 Banks (General):Bankwest
4 Banks (Loans): Suncorp Metway Home Loans
5 Energy: Actew AGL
6 Insurance: Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency
7 ISP: iinet
8 Local Government: City of Monash
9 Motor Manufacturing: Ford
10 Parcel Delivery: DHL
11 Public Transport Ticketing: Translink
12 Superannuation: MLC Super
13 TAFE: North Coast TAFE
14 Telecommunication: Optus Mobile
15 Tenancy Authorities: NSW Fair Trading - Tenancies
16 Universities: University of Western Sydney
17 Water: Wannon Water
18 Wealth Building: MLC Australia

Upcoming Events

21 FEBRUARY 2014
Associate Professor Don O'Sullivan Luncheon (Melbourne)
7TH, 8TH, 9TH MAY 2014
Student Service Centres Conference 2014 (New Zealand)

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Mid-Year Update 2013

New Financial Year, New Commitment to Higher Value Customer Service

From the Managing Director - July 2013

I have recently been speaking with a number of CEOs and Senior Managers about maximising the value of their organisations’ customer service research in order to drive business improvement.  When I asked them to explain what ‘value’ was for them, they were pretty clear that they want to learn from their customers how to deliver more efficient processes (i.e. improve self service, whilst maintaining high satisfaction levels) and minimise customers going elsewhere.

Here are 5 things that will help organisations achieve more value from their customer research:

  1. Be clear on the purpose and objective of the customer research, and why you are doing the research.
  2. Spend time with frontline staff to hear firsthand the customer service issues and opportunities.
  3. Create a sense of urgency when implementing recommended improvements from research programs. You would be amazed how quickly the next survey comes around and nothing has been done as a result!
  4. Work with your research partner to refine your questionnaires and methodologies to best reflect the measures that really matter to your customers and impact the customer experience.
  5. Talk to your industry peers to hear what they are doing.  Industry groups (like FEAL and LGMA) have done a lot in recent years to build great knowledge and benchmarking.

Yours sincerely,

Paul van Veenendaal
Managing Director 

Top 10 Customer Service Providers this Quarter - CSBA

1 University of Western Sydney
2 Budget Direct
3 University of Queensland
4 Gladstone Regional Council
5 City of Fremantle
6 Care Australia
8 GWM Water
9 Monash University
University of the Sunshine Coast
Southern Rural Water
10 Surf Coast Shire Council
Contact us to find out more about the top 10!


To read more about our events or to register your attendance, please click here.

Wednesday 14 August 2013
Fourth Annual Customer Service Forum - Western Australia
Thursday 29 & Friday 30 August 2013
HoSA Annual Conference 2013 - Gold Coast
Friday 30 & Saturday 31 August 2013
LGPRO Annual Customer Service Conference 2013 – Victoria
Thursday 10 October 2013
Fifth Annual Superannuation Forum – Victoria
21 FEBRUARY 2014
Associate Professor Don O'Sullivan Luncheon (Melbourne)
7TH, 8TH, 9TH MAY 2014
Student Service Centres Conference 2014 (New Zealand)

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February 2013

Welcome to the first newsletter for 2013

2013 is another important and exciting year for the team at CSBA.

Last year we conducted our own Customer Satisfaction Survey and we were pleased to receive very positive feedback and a high NPS score overall.

Thank you to our clients who completed the survey and provided valuable feedback and ideas. The survey results highlighted strong interest in access to key results quickly.

Throughout 2012 we have expanded our team of data management experts and we are well underway to implementing state of the art data capture technology.

In the coming year we will offer new options to capture customer feedback, as well as more accessible information delivery. Please contact myself or your account manager for further information.
Paul van Veenendaal

Universities Get Serious on Customer Service Measurement to Provide a Point of Difference

Written by Teresa Tjia, Director-Student Administration, the University of Melbourne & Tammy Fitzgerald, Director-Client Services, Monash University

Universities are increasingly focused on delivering ‘professional customer service’ rather than relying on the values they share with their students and community as the ‘sticking’ factor.

Student choice, changing expectations and strong international competition, changes in federal funding and the increased value of the Australian dollar also place enormous pressure on Australian universities competing for students.

Quality customer service is able to positively impact students buying decision both for future students looking to study and current student retention.

Balanced Scorecards  - Lessons for Success

Written by Pat Heaslip, Research Director at CSBA. Pat has been involved in Balanced Scorecard implementation across a variety of industries.

Successful companies do not rely solely on financial outcomes to measure performance or to assess achievement of a business plan.

A Balanced Score Card (BSC) approach provides a rounded perspective by using a range of financial and non-financial measures which may include customer satisfaction and loyalty, the quality of internal procedures, product features, growth and sustainability, as well as traditional financial criteria.

CSBA Consulting Staff Profile: Dianne Davies

Di started her career in education, first as a teacher, then in the educational innovations area, before becoming an assistant principal in a large school.

More recently Di has worked as a consultant, facilitating events and conducting workshops and training.

Working with councils, tertiary and the private sector, to assist organisations with strategic planning, including staff management, role clarity, the establishment of protocols for work statements and leadership development are just some of Di’s strengths.

“Dianne’s gentle style and manner worked really well with our group. We were extremely happy with the outcomes of our sessions and have already recommended this training!!” 
Kirsty Pragnell, Customer Experience Officer, City of Playford

1 UNSW Canberra at ADFA
3 Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water
4 Monash University
4 University of the Sunshine Coast
4 University of Western Sydney
7 Strathbogie Shire Council
8 Southern Rural Water
9 Save the Children Australia
9 Launceston City Council
9 The University of Adelaide
9 Wannon Water

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