November 2010

From the Managing Director

I wish I had a dollar for every time a senior executive says....

‘I spend a lot on Customer Service training for no improvement’.

Over the last few months I have had a number of senior executives say this to me when they see the results of their customer service performance.

The issue is that companies continuously send their staff to generic customer service training programs.  These programs are great as an introduction to the topic, there are also tax rebates that make it almost cost neutral.

Management say they cannot understand why customer service performance remains low after they have spent so much on training.

Why does this happen?

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Paul van Veenendaal

Every contact that is made is an opportunity to impress.

This contact could change the way you as a tertiary institution are seen by the public and your departmental staff. How do you know if you can improve your customer service and how you know what your customers are experiencing now?

CSBA is a proud sponsor ATEM (Association for Tertiary Education Management) since 2006. Our benchmarking program will run again in conjunction with the 2011 conferences.  The program benchmarks your institution against Australia’s top 30 tertiary institutions.  This year we are introducing our Customer Satisfaction Program to suit existing student service experience assessment.

A master class for the participants will once again be run on the day before the conference.

CSBA congratulates the following clients for their recent customer service awards achievements

CSIA -  Australian Service Excellence Awards 2010

National Division of a Large Business

Winner – BT Financial Group

Winner Australian Service Excellence Awards Best of the Best 2009/10

Winner – BT Financial Group

National Local Government

Highly Commended – City of Melville

ATA Awards 2010

Qld Contact Centre of the Year >120fte

Winner - A&G Insurance Holdings

Vic Call Centre < 50 fte

Winner - City of Melbourne

Team Leader of the Year

Winner - Debora Hartley, A&G Insurance Holdings

Centre Manager of the Year

Winner - Mark Deighton, A&G Insurance Holdings

CSBA Index

1 University of Western Sydney
2 Aurora Energy Business
3 Wannon Water
4 Wyong Shire Council
5 Médecins Sans Frontières Australia
6 Launceston City Council
7 Gold Coast City Council
8 Coliban Water
9 Gippsland Water
10 CARE Australia

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CSBA Christmas Closure
CSBA will be shut for the holiday period from close of business Thursday 23 December and reopening on Tuesday 4 January.

We wish you all a safe and  Merry Christmas.

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August 2010

Customer Journey Mapping

Traditionally companies establish performance metrics and then try to fit customer satisfaction around those metrics. Why not take an outside-in approach: understand your customers first and then design everything around them.

Do you have gaps in your understanding of the experience that your customers are undergoing?

Would it help you to have high impact feedback to challenge conventional thinking?

Do you have processes which generate significant rework or customer complaints?

Rave reviews for the inaugural LGMA WA / CSBA Customer Service Forum!

On 23 June 2010, the first LGMA /CSBA Customer Service Forum was held in Perth. Working in partnership with the WA division, Customer Service Benchmarking Australia presented a one day forum for Directors, Senior Managers and Customer Service staff focusing on Customer Service and the issues it represents.

With 78 delegates attending from 29 councils across metropolitan and regional WA, the event was extremely well attended.

The key objective of the day was to discuss customer service trends and issues in local government and to workshop solutions. The forum also provided an opportunity for delegates to meet with their counterparts from across WA.

From the Managing Director

Why do most companies measure the wrong numbers in customer satisfaction?

Last month I had the opportunity to make Customer Satisfaction presentations at a number of senior management forums.

The discussions following my presentations convinced me that there is a genuine and growing interest in the delivery of good customer service. These conversations also made me aware that the managers of many organisations do not know what to measure and some measure the wrong things.

In telephone contact, customer service managers appear to be too preoccupied in monitoring and improving the connect time to an Agent. Although getting through to a real person in a reasonable time is important in providing good customer service, it is far from the be all and end all of the process.

1 Budget Direct
2 Médecins Sans Frontières Australia
3 University of Western Sydney
4 Wannon Water
6 Launceston City Council
7 Aurora Energy Business
8 Wyong Shire Council
9 Mildura Rural City Council
10 The University of Sydney


How good is your company at handling customer complaints?

Participate in the CSBA 2010 complaints benchmarking program.
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June 2010

From the Managing Director

CSBA on the move
This month is a very exciting time for the team at CSBA. As many of you will be aware, in recent times our team has grown and as such we need more space.
We are now in new offices at Level 5, 10-16 Queen Street, Melbourne.
Thank you to all our valued customers who have supported us over the years, allowing us to continue to grow. Please feel free to drop in and have a coffee and chat if you are in the area.
Paul van Veenendaal



In May I attended a Net Promoter Score® workshop in Singapore where I had the opportunity to hear Richard Owen speak (author of ‘Answering the Ultimate Question’). It is certainly interesting to see how the NPS model is developing.
NPS is moving from being a Metric to more of a discipline; becoming less about a score and more of a business outcome.
When I meet with companies to discuss being more of a customer centric organisation they typically talk about wanting ‘more than just a number like NPS’. The goal is to develop a culture that takes an interest in understanding and improving the customer experience represented by NPS. In effect the NPS has developed into an improvement program focusing on understanding the drivers and setting programs to improve those drivers.
There is also a real focus on moving Passives to Promoters rather than trying to save Detractors. At best you can only realistically expect Detractors to become Passives.
The more I listened the more I heard talk around getting employees engaged in the whole program. Companies are developing very detailed roadmaps for improving their culture; many elements of culture improvement focus around agents’ listening and engaging manner abilities. It appears that getting agents to provide an appropriate manner and hone listening skills are great first steps in improving customers’ perception of a company.
On a final note, NPS benchmarking should only be done within your own industry, region, market and product. Trying to benchmark outside your industry, region, market or product is basically useless as each market is different.
Should you wish to find out more please feel free to contact me on 03 9605 4900 or use our online enquiry form.


Paul van Veenendaal

1 Médecins Sans Frontières Australia
2 Gold Coast City Council
3 Flinders University
4 University of Western Sydney
5 GWM Water
7 Launceston City Council
8 Aurora Energy Business
9 jobsjobsjobs
10 Wannon Water


 What does CSBA do?

  1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  2. Mystery Shopping
  3. Customer Service Improvement Programs

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